The air air conditioning is a blessing, especially in hot temperatures. Execute you tho sweat when driving your Honda CR-V? your air conditioning mechanism no much longer cools properly? This can have different causes. What these are and what you can do about it, we describe in this article.

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Honda CR-V fifth generation – (photo through Honda)

The many common causes that hinders normal procedure of air conditioning device on her Honda CR-V room dirty cabin air filter, refrigerant leak, dirty or clogged condenser, dirty or clogged evaporator, poor blower motor, defective compressor, faulty blend door actuator or any fault in the electric system.

1. Dirty cabin waiting filter

The pollen filter, likewise known together the cabin filter or microfilter, is a central component the the ventilation system in her Honda CR-V. A dirty filter causes the all at once ventilation the the inner to damage resulting in lessened cooling, heating and air flow. It also puts unnecessary strain on the whole AC device which negatively impacts your CR-V’s fuel consumption.

There is no prescribed time for transforming cabin air filter, but most manufacturers introduce a change after 10,000-20,000 miles. If you drive your automobile in dusty or polluted environment, the filter can obtain dirty much sooner 보다 manufacturer’s recommendation.

Start by inspecting the problem of the cabin wait filter on your CR-V. Instead of transforming it directly, that is often recommended to very first clean the pollen filter. This can be done, for example, through a vacuum cleaner or a compressed wait system, removed at the very least a large part of the visible dust particles. Unfortunately, this procedure does not allow you to obtain into the deeper class of the filter. Therefore, the filter performance will certainly not increase substantially even after ~ cleaning. As a rule, over there is no preventing a change.

Video: replacing cabin air filter in Honda CR-V

You don’t necessarily have to visit a workshop to clean or change the pollen filter on your CR-V. Girlfriend can access the filter by following a few simple steps, as presented in the video.

Note: Dirty cabin wait filter greatly only leader to diminished cooling. If only warm air comes the end of the wait vents in your CR-V, climate the problem probably lies what else.

2. Dirty or clogged condenser

Like the radiator, the air conditioning condenser on Honda CR-V sit at the prior of the vehicle and is responsible because that releasing the warm from the refrigerant into the ambient air. Over time, grime, bugs and other small particles can build up top top its surface and also in the gaps the its mesh. This hinders the condenser’s capability to release heat as less air passes through the mesh, which results in poor cooling in the interior.

If the condenser is dirty on her CR-V, the simplest solution is come clean it. Because that this you usually have to remove the front bumper come gain access to the condenser. You have the right to use strength washer for cleaning, but make sure that its in ~ low press setting, together high pressure can easily damage the delicate fins on the condenser.


A clogged or leaking condenser can likewise be the reason for air-conditioning not working appropriately on her CR-V. A leaking condenser can lead come a loss of refrigerant and reduced cooling performance of the system. In stimulate to find leaks in the air conditioning system, a leak search is lugged out in the workshop using forming gas – also the the smallest leaks can be detected. In this way, it deserve to be established whether the lose of refrigerant is due to a defective condenser. If this is the case, the only option is to change the damaged part.

3. Refrigerant Leak

Insufficient amount of refrigerant is tho the main cause of a non-functioning AC system. A lose of up to 15% of the refrigerant every year is normal due to the design. If friend don’t have actually the mechanism serviced regularly on her CR-V, the refrigerant level will ultimately get so low the the device loses the cooling capacity. Just have it refilled and you deserve to drive through pleasant temperatures again. If the refrigerant level goes under again quickly, climate it means there is more than likely a leak.

In enhancement to the normal loss, component defects are usually responsible for the escape of the refrigerant gas top top Honda CR-V. A defective sealing ring, a worn heat or a condenser that has actually been damaged by a stone chip are the most usual causes.

Finding these mainly very little leaks is frequently not easy. The device is filled with forming gas (nitrogen v a tiny hydrogen) in the workshop. Larger leaks may already be heard or friend can uncover them with a leak detection spray. Smaller holes have to be localized by searching all contents with a gas detector. Once the leak has actually been found, this should be closed again by instead of the particular component.

4. Dirty evaporator

Dirty evaporator can also be the factor for AC problems on her Honda CR-V. Cabin air filter captures most of the dust or other airborne particles, yet some escape and fall on to the evaporator. Over time, these dust particles deserve to builds increase on the fins and also block the air circulation through the evaporator, resulting in poor cooling.


The two most influential symptoms of a clogged increase evaporator on her CR-V are:

The air circulation from the vents is choppy and not smooth.The within of the car is occurring a negative moldy smell.

Cleaning the evaporator on CR-V is no a straightforward task. In many cases, the whole dashboard has to be removed before you can access the evaporator. Therefore it is recommended to carry out this at a workshop.

There can likewise be a refrigerant leak in the evaporator, in that instance the evaporator will need to be replaced.

5. Compressor failure

The compressor is the love of the entire air conditioning device on Honda CR-V. It is composed of relocating parts that transform what is in reality a gas coolant into liquid – this is just how your vehicle is cooled.


A damaged compressor is normally irreparable. If the air conditioning is switched ~ above regularly, the parts also remain movable. However, if friend don’t turn on the air air conditioning on her CR-V because that a lengthy time, the components will stick. The an outcome is a defective compressor that can no much longer be repaired. The just thing the helps is swapping through a new one.

The worst damage, however, is a fail of the AC compressor when it “eats” itself because of insufficient lubrication or a manufacturing error, steel chips form, which are dispersed throughout the CR-V’s AC system. If you only install a brand-new compressor here, an additional failure is inevitable, together the chips instantly destroy the new component. In together a case, virtually the whole air air conditioning system has to be replaced. A preferably of the metal pipes have the right to be rinsed here. Due to the fact that the two warm exchangers (condenser and also evaporator) room designed in cross-flow design, the laundry detergent finds the route with the least resistance and leaves the chips behind. However, the high-pressure refrigerant pulls this chips back with it throughout operation and the next damages is inevitable.

6. Negative blower motor

If over there is no air flow or lessened air flow from the vents on your Honda CR-V, poor blower motor might be the culprit. A worn out or weakened blower engine can likewise produce abnormal sounds once in operation.


You cannot repair a damaged blower motor, the part must be changed with a brand-new one.

Note: If the blower motor suddenly stops working from one second to the next, friend must first check even if it is a swollen fuse is responsible because that the failure.

7. Faulty mix door actuator

Blend door actuator theatre a duty in managing the air flow and also temperature inside your CR-V. Anytime over there is a trouble with the temperature of the air air conditioning system, it might be a trouble with the mix door actuator.

The most usual symptom of faulty blend door actuator on Honda CR-V is a slight clicking sound consistently coming native under the dashboard. The sound will certainly be most prominent for a couple of seconds as soon as you revolve on the air conditioning or change the temperature. Sometimes an altering the temperature deserve to temporarily stop the sound.

A knocking noise can be an additional indicator the a bad blend door actuator on her CR-V, back its fairly rare. The sound is something prefer a irradiate tapping top top the door and it happens as soon as you turn on the waiting conditioning device or revolve off the engine.


There are countless reasons why air conditioning may not it is in working effectively on your Honda CR-V. When in search of the reason, girlfriend should constantly start with the most evident cause, low refrigerant level in the system.

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In any type of case, that is advisable because that laypersons come visit a workshop. In the occasion of a defect, the mechanic can directly initiate the repair.