Say a guy you barely know and don"t see or talk to often sends you a text wishing you a happy valentines day (on the day). It"s not a mass text and there is a short personal message. He doesn"t ask you out or does anything more though.


Does that mean he has some interest in you? Or just being polite?

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I would find it as awkward, especially since you don"t talk to him and barely know him.... but did you respond?


I don"t think I"ve ever texted anyone that if I wasn"t interested. I"d say he probably is. Go talk to him and say hi.


I actually had sort of the same thing happen to me this Valentine"s day....but it was a guy who I sort of have a bit of a history with. We don"t really talk much, and I didn"t even know he had my number. When I got the text I didn"t even know it was him, I asked who it was but he never answered ( I think he got embarrassed). The next day I asked my friend if that number sounded familiar, she told me it was that guy"s number (her huband is a good friend of his so they both have his number). It was weird, but I know he does have some interest in I would say, unless your super close to a guy in some sort of a platonic shows some interest.

There would be no harm in asking him why he sent it. Just like that - Thanks for the V-day message, so why did you choose me to send it to?!

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