Editor"s note: indigenous time to time us inadvertently set a proviso that has actually two credibly exactly answers. This is just one of these times. While we had actually in mind handsome is together handsome does, for the functions of drawing the winner we likewise accepted "happy is together happy does." through that said, to those who attributed this to Forrest Gump, us think you might wish to examine again - us recollect Forrest Gump saying "stupid is together stupid does" but not "happy is together happy does".The earliest recognized use that the proverb handsome is as handsome go is in Geoffrey Chaucer"s "The mam of Bath" (c.1387) among the stories/poems in his most renowned work, The Canterbury Tales. Looke that that is moost vertuous alway,Pryvee and also apert, and moost entendeth ayTo carry out the gentil dedes the he kan,Taak hym because that the grettest gentil man.Which, thanks to, translates generally as:Find him that is most virtuous alway,Alone or publicly, and most tries ayeTo do everything noble deeds that can,And take him because that the greatest gentleman. Chaucer is widely thought about the biggest poet the the English center Ages. Uneven those who came before him, and many the his contemporaries that wrote in French or Latin, Chaucer created in the English vernacular thus lending credibility and legitimacy to the language. That is often referred to as the dad of English Literature. That is was the first poet come be hidden in the south transept of Westminster Abbey, which this particular day is recognized as Poet"s edge due to the wide variety of poets, writers and playwrights now hidden there including Robert Browning, Charles Dickens, Samuel Johnson, Rudyard Kipling, Lawrence Oliver and also Alfred Tennyson. The earliest well-known use of the expression in that modern-day kind is discovered in Henry Fielding"s Tom Jones (Book IV, thing XII):

“I, ma’am!” answered Mrs. Honour, “I to be sorry your ladyship should have such one opinion the me. I amsure nobody can say any type of such point of me. Every the young fellows in the world may walk to the divil for me.Because I said he to be a handsome man? Everybody says it and I. To it is in sure, I never thought as itwas any type of harm come say a young man was handsome; yet to be certain I shall never ever think that so any type of morenow; because that handsome is the handsome does. A beggar wench!—”

The expression is additionally found today as "pretty is together pretty does" or "beauty is together beauty does." yet it isn"t really important to carry out a feminine version given that handsome deserve to be used to both men and women - albeit the modern-day definitions for the sexes are a tiny different.

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See more: Driving Time From Gainesville Ga To Myrtle Beach Sc, Distance From Gainesville, Ga To Myrtle Beach, Sc specifies a handsome guy as a human who is good-looking through regular, pleasing and also well-defined features, and also a handsome woman together someone that is fine-looking and dignified (that is come say, not necessarily traditionally beautiful).This short article has to be edited to exactly the earliest known reference in its modern form. Give thanks to you Raymond!