Chbeer-selection.com name dimethyl ether Chbeer-selection.com id CHbeer-selection.com:28887 meaning An ether in i beg your pardon the oxygen atom is associated to 2 methyl groups. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the Chbeer-selection.com Team. second Chbeer-selection.com IDs CHbeer-selection.com:6844, CHbeer-selection.com:23799 Supplier information Download Molfile XML SDF

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Formula C2H6O
Net charge 0
typical Mass 46.06844
Monoisotopic massive 46.04186
InChI InChI=1S/C2H6O/c1-3-2/h1-2H3

Chbeer-selection.com Ontology
Outgoing dimethyl ether (CHbeer-selection.com:28887) is a ether (CHbeer-selection.com:25698)
just arrive oxybis(methylene) group (CHbeer-selection.com:46973) is substituent team from dimethyl ether (CHbeer-selection.com:28887)

Synonyms sources
(CH3)2O NIST Chemistry WebBook
CH3‒O‒CH3 IUPbeer-selection.com
Dimethyl ether KEGG compound
dimethyl oxide ChemIDplus
DME KEGG compound
Methoxymethane KEGG compound
Methoxymethane KEGG compound
methyl ether ChemIDplus
oxybismethane ChemIDplus

hand-operated Xrefs Databases
c0147 UM-BBD
C11144 KEGG link
Dimethyl_ether Wikipedia
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Registry number varieties resources
115-10-6 CAS it is registered Number KEGG compound
115-10-6 CAS it is registered Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
115-10-6 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus
1730743 Reaxys registry Number Reaxys

quote form resource
16348771 PubMed citation Europe PMC


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