Similar words:potential,potentially,geothermal energy,chemical energy,mechanical energy,electrical energy,potentia,pestilential.Meaning:n. The mechanical energy that a body has actually by virtue of its position; save on computer energy.

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(5) Cellulose represents crucial potential energy source for herbivores however the malfunction of cabinet fibre presents herbivores through difficulties.
(11) In this MCAI food ware(beer-selection.com/potential energy.html), the potential energy surface that a bimolecular reaction system that is composed of 3 atoms has been defined figuratively.
(13) The potential energy of specific spatially uniform fields can act much like a cosmological constant.
(15) The manifestation of kinetic energy and also potential energy, and the transformable relationship between the alternatives were described.
(16) In this paper, the interactional potential energy the graviton is simply debated in tree level approximation.
(19) The 3rd property the a polymer i m sorry affects its mechanically behaviour is the between-chain potential energy.
(21) because that a link particle, the constituents " remainder mass and additionally their kinetic energy of motion and potential energy of interactions add to the particle"s full mass.
(22) A long term scheduling version in 3 Gorges cascades is structure by maximizingthe save on computer potential energy in ~ the end of planning horizon.
(23) The various other is to gain the value v the stationary value principle of basic potential energy or various other similitude method with correlation energy.
(26) according to Hertz contact theory, this document discussed the elastic deformation in the round screw systems and elastic potential energy brought about by it.
(28) that believes the city"s economic advance will continue to be solid in the next few years, however may level off v a potential energy crises.
(30) v the technique of life cycle evaluation used come evaluate structure energy-saving transformation, the potential energy usage of building materials are noticed slowly by people.

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