country star Jason Aldean is at this time celebrating the success that his latest full-length release, 2019's 9 special the arena rocking fight "We Back" and his latest single, "Got What i Got."

Speaking v RADIO.COM's Rob & Holly during their Friday Night Takeover, Jason mutual the meaning behind his recent fan-favorite.

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One collection of concerns that are always on Rob and Holly's minds when hearing a track is, wherein they were, what they were thinking, and what they were drinking as soon as the idea come about. Return Jason is not the primary songwriter because that the track, he speak us around the very first time he heard it.

"We to be coming turn off of 'You make It Easy' on the ahead album which to be really type of a various sound because that us, yet the song had actually done really well," Jason remembers. "This track kind the reminded me a tiny bit of that. It to be something the was sort of like that that us didn't have actually for the album."



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"I always feel like music is a thing where you deserve to kind of acquire an insight into wherein that artist is in that certain point in life," says Jason. "For me, it's that. I think it was simply one of those songs that really struggle me in a method like... You just feel like specific songs are tailor-made because that you and written especially for friend in mind.

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"I felt favor that song defined everything in mine life right currently to a 'T.' when you listen those songs, the just has a different way of grabbing you and also I fell in love v it immediately."

Always his best way of testing the waters, Jason carried the song home for his wife Brittany to hear, and also she also immediately knew it was a perfect fit.

"Once it was a hit," he says with a smile. "She's like, 'I said you the was gonna it is in a hit!' I'm like, 'I said you that was gonna it is in a hit, that's why I brought it home and played it for you the very first time!' She's always trying come take credit transaction for stuff!"

In all seriousness, "it was great," that says. "It really sort of summed up where I'm at in life in ~ this point, and just a really cool song I yes, really felt a lot of human being could called to."