For the past couple of months, i’ve been analysis the finish works of Shakespeare. In the past, I’ve just read Shakespeare as component of a college assignment. It has been different to review with the goal to find out something brand-new and understand what he had actually to say. I’ve discovered many little nuggets the wisdom in his writings. The standard Shakespeare play, Hamlet, has actually a variety of them that you have actually likely heard. Some of the famous lines from Hamlet encompass “To thine very own self be true” or “To be or no to be”. Yet there is a less well-known line that stood the end to me. That is “Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice”. Simple, yet profound advice. What does that median to me?

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To offer some context because that the line, the speaker, lord Polonius is talking v his son Laertes. Laertes is about to leave home and Polonius desires to give him part fatherly advice. In a couple of words, Polonius counsels Laertes to listen to everyone. He wants him to it is in open and also curious about other people. He urges Laertes to understand much better what others room thinking and feeling, much more so than to make the efforts to make his own voice known. Why is it important to listen much more than we speak?

Understanding various other Perspectives

If everyone speaks and also no one listens, there is no learning, no share of ideas, no cross-pollination of thought. Spending more time listening 보다 speaking yields enormous benefits. We all have essential perspectives and also thoughts come share, however if no one is listening, we won’t have actually a possibility to speak what matters to us. Seeing various other perspectives helps united state to understand each other better and we find out that those stunner people roughly us aren’t all the crazy.

We live in a people where anyone is completing for others’ attention with social media and other creates of communication. Just how much various would it it is in if us spent less time trying to gain others to listen to us and more time listening come others? and yes, I identify the irony in saying that in a blog wherein I’m desire others to listen to me. Ns realize that ns can definitely do much more listening 보다 I execute at times. I uncover that as soon as I execute listen more, it help to clear my thinking and also increases my empathy because that others.

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Others will Listen if girlfriend Listen

This message shows up in comparable forms in other famous quotes from various other individuals. For example, of his well known 7 habits, Steven Covey’s fifth habit is “Seek first to understand, climate to it is in understood.” one more example is the proverb that the form “God gave us 2 ears and also one mouth so the we deserve to listen much more often than we speak” i beg your pardon possibly originates from Epictetus the Greek philosopher. The idea behind these maxims is the if you desire others to recognize what you space experiencing and also saying, the you require to understand what they room experiencing and saying. If we very first defer to others to sincerely listen, they will certainly be much more likely to hear to us. Hear to others is fundamental to suggesting the right way.

Avoiding the Echo Chamber

But that is not enough to simply listen come others, the is crucial to hear to a diversity the perspectives. Through the ability to tailor our news feeds and to select who we will listen to, we run the hazard of just listening to those that we already agree with. I are afraid that many of us space in our echo chambers where we simply hear the very same things over and also over again without brand-new ideas and thoughts to stimulate new ways the thinking. The is hard to acquire out of one echo chamber and also stay open up to different opinions and ideas, but absolutely crucial.

So also though that lived hundreds of years ago, Shakespeare knew what he was talk about. He deserves his lofty reputation and we have much we deserve to learn from his plays. I don’t think he can have imagined how well known his work would still it is in today. That wouldn’t recognize the techonology and easy accessibility to info that we enjoy. But his views on human nature have actually not shed their relevance.

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Over there is wisdom in his words to “give every man thine ear”. We deserve to all certainly use that wisdom together a society today.