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"Ready, Set, Don"t Go" is a country song performed by American singers Billy beam Cyrus and Miley Cyrus. It was released as the lead solitary from house at Last, Billy beam Cyrus" tenth studio album top top October 9, 2007. The song has received various interpretations, although, in actuality, Cyrus composed the song several years prior to its release once his middle daughter, Miley, moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue an exhilaration career with an audition for the Disney Channel Original series Hannah Montana. "Ready, Set, Don"t Go" received an important praise, v reviewers complimenting its lyrical content. It also reached confident commercial responses for Cyrus, compared to his downfall in previous years. Peaking at number 85 top top the Billboard hot 100, it ended up being Cyrus" very first entry top top the chart due to the fact that "You Won"t be Lonely Now" (2000). The song"s accompanying music video clip was command by Elliot Lester and also features few of Cyrus"s house movies; it obtained a CMT Music compensation nomination in ~ the 2008 CMT Music Awards. The track eventually ended up being re-released together a duet v Miley. At the moment of the single"s release, she to be 14 and also enjoying the success of she debut album Hannah Montana 2: fulfill Miley Cyrus. The duet version became Miley"s debut in nation music and also received much better commercial outcomes. It got to its highest possible international peak in the Billboard warm 100 in ~ number 37 and also became Cyrus" very first international graph entry since "Could"ve to be Me" (1992). Cyrus, with and also without his daughter, performed the track at several venues, most notably Miley"s very first headlining concert tour, the ideal of Both people Tour.more »

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She"s gotta execute what she"s gotta doAnd I"ve gotta choose it or notShe"s got desires too large for this townAnd she requirements to provide them a shotWhatever they areLooks favor she"s all prepared to leaveNothing left come packThere ain"t no room for me in the carEven if she request me to tag alongGod ns gotta be strongShe"s in ~ the beginning line of the rest of she lifeAs ready as she"s ever before beenGot the hunger and the stars in her eyesThe compensation is hair to winShe"s waiting on mine blessings before she access time that open roadBaby get readyGet setDon"t goShe claims things room fallen right into placeFeels like they"re please apartI painted this large old laugh on mine faceTo hide my damaged heartIf just she knewThis is where I don"t to speak what I desire so poor to sayThis is whereby I desire to but I won"t gain in the wayOf her and also her dreamsAnd dispersing her wingsShe"s in ~ the beginning line the the rest of she lifeAs prepared as she"s ever beenGot the hunger and also the stars in she eyesThe prize is hair to winShe"s waiting on mine blessings before she access time that open up roadBaby obtain readyGet setDon"t goShe"s in ~ the starting line the the rest of her lifeAs all set as she"s ever beenGot the hunger and the stars in she eyesThe compensation is hair to winShe"s waiting on my blessings before she hits that open up roadBaby acquire readyGet setDon"t goDon"t goDon"t goShe"s gotta execute what she"s gotta doShe"s gotta perform what she"s gotta do

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Billy beam Cyrus wilhelm "Billy" ray Cyrus (born respectable 25, 1961) is an American nation music singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist, who has actually achieved good success worldwide. Having actually released twelve studio albums and also forty-four singles because 1992, he is best known for his Number One single "Achy Breaky Heart", which came to be the an initial single ever before to accomplish triple Platinum standing in Australia. It was also the best-selling solitary in the same nation in 1992 and also was translated into much more than 100 languages. Many thanks to the video of this hit, the linedance catapulted into the mainstream, ending up being a global craze.

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Cyrus, a multi-platinum offering recording artist, has actually scored a complete of eight top-ten singles on the Billboard country Songs chart. His most successful album to dat… an ext »