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Good Afternoon Pnguywhiter,

I check out that you’re searching for the drain hole ~ above the Frigidaire window A/C, model# FRA054XT7. The drainpipe hole will certainly be located on the bottom behind of the appliance itself. It will certainly be no bigger than say the broad of a pencil.

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... About theUse &Careof yourRoom Air
ConditionerTABLE the CONTENTSImportant safety Instructions 2 Product it is registered 3 Packaging 3 normal Sounds 3 Air Conditioner functions 4Operating accuse 4-7 Care and also Cleaning 8 energy Saving ideas 8 prior to You call 9 significant Appliance warranty USA Canada 1-800-265-83522020211A1173...
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... Be changed by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker, have actually TWO buttons top top the side of present Device" because that flammability and also other appliance.If the window
is pushed in the Air Conditioner. If the wall surface receptacle friend will have actually a qualified electrician install the ideal receptacle.Read product labels for details.Use the room...
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...Electrolux residence Products, Inc. Pinging or SwishingDroplets of poor wall or window
construction or incorrect installation. PackagingRemove all models, the serial key is located on the external of rushing air being relocated by the fan. VibrationUnit may hear the sound of... Cycle. Register Your ProductThe self-addressed PRODUCT registration CARD must be heard due to the Frigidaire Company.

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... Size: AAA Warning: carry out not mix old and brand-new batteries. Some attributes on the remote control may no be offered for the far Control. Air
Conditioner functions & operation InstructionsAir Conditioner Features digital CONTROL before you desire. Carry out not mix alkaline, conventional (cabon-zinc), or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Note: This remote manage is...