2010 Ford explorer wont change out of park. This happened prior to a couple of yrs earlier and the shift interlock module was bad. I"m thinking the module is bad because it"s Dorman and usually doesn"t critical long. The brake light switch is good, the brake lights do come on.I"m relocating the shift solenoid lever to by pass it for this reason I have the right to move the lever into gear. As I"m law this the shifter won"t move into gear. Walk this sound prefer a shifter assembly problem? ns should have the ability to bypass it however the shifter is still stuck in park. Any ideas?

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I"d want to examine some scan data first, prior to making a shifter call. Largely I"d favor to check out what the BRK_SHIFT PID does v the key on and also your foot on the brake. If it shows Active, I"d inspect power and ground at the transition interlock solenoid, then adjust it.
But you"re saying that the shifter doesn"t move, even when using the bypass? That nearly sounds choose a seized cable come me. If you popular music the cable loosened of the shifter, go it now move? If not, the problem is in the shifter.
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I have an Actron scanner and not sure if it mirrors brake change pids, yet I"ll check and also see.I"ll remove the cable native the shifter and see if the shifter moves then. Thanks!
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I disconnected the shifter cable from the shifter and also I"m maybe to move the shifter once I bypass the shifter lever. Sounds prefer the shifter cable is bad or a trouble with the transmission.I"ll disconnect the cable native the transmission and also see if ns can transition it through hand.
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The infection is a 5R55S. I disconnected the infection cable native the transmission and also I"m able relocate the shifter through the gears. I emotion no binding in the cable.I tried come manually shift the transmission into equipment from the lever on the transmission through my hand and it wont relocate out of park.Could a negative transmission selection sensor reason this? I"m reasoning if the sensor is bad I quiet should have the ability to manual shift the transmission into gear?I"m thinking this is a transmisson problem and also something internal is jammed up avoiding it to change out that park. Would certainly you agree?
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Yes, internal, deserve to you have actually someone absent the automobile while you shot to shift, wondering if the parking pawl is binding,to it is in safe perform this indigenous the chauffeurs seat
We rocked the automobile several times and also it did get out the park! The parking pawl is broken. Once the shifter is in park it just rolls. I wanted to relocate the explorer now the won"t start, no crank no nothing. What a headache!

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