The Ford Motor company installed the 460-cubic-inch engine in vehicles from 1968 v 1996. When you venture to rebuild a 460 V8 engine, you will must ensure all of the bolts are torqued effectively so your hard work lasts for years. Every component set up on the interior and also exterior that the engine has certain torque specifications the will save mounting bolts tight because that the life the the engine.

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After the crankshaft is put on the key bearings, the main cap bolts space tightened in ~ 95 to 105 ft-lbs. The connecting rod bolts space tightened at 40 come 45 ft-lbs., and also the oil pump bolt will certainly be tightened come 25 ft-lbs. The bolts securing the video camer shaft must be tightened to 40 to 45 ft-lbs. Together you put each bolt in the block, remember to dip the threads in oil to reduce torque friction. Friction can cause your talk wrench to feeling the bolt is tight prior to the compelled torque is reached. Before placing the harmonic damper ~ above the engine, girlfriend will have to install the prior engine cover and also tighten the bolts come 12 come 18 ft-lbs.

Due to the tremendous combustion pressures the heads are exposed to, you will have to ensure the head bolts space torqued come the ideal specification, and also in the exactly order. The last torque specification for the head bolts is 140 ft-lbs. Head bolts are tightened in a details pattern the usually begins in the facility of the head, and also sequentially tightened in both directions. The bolts room turned down slowly until every the bolts with the forced torque. Threads on head bolts must be coated v engine oil to reduce friction that would produce a false torque. Climate non-adjustable rocker-arm bolts space torqued to 18 to 22 ft-lbs. Intake manifold bolts room then torqued in ~ 25 to 30 ft-lbs., and exhaust manifold bolts to 33 ft-lbs.

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After the heads have been installed, the is a an excellent time to ar the harmonic damper and also pulley because that the serpentine belt ~ above the prior of the engine. Speak the it is registered bolt in ~ 70 to 90 ft-lbs. In ~ the rear of the engine, install the fly wheel or flex-plate and also torque the bolts at 75 to 85 ft-lbs. If the engine will certainly be mated as much as a manual transmission, install the clutch pressure plate come the flywheel and torque every the mounting bolts at 35 ft-lbs. Over-torquing bolts does no ensure they will continue to be tight, and also may in truth weaken the bolt, leading to premature failure. Finally, it is necessary to use a torque wrench you know is providing an accurate reading. As soon as you complete with the speak wrench, return the handle setting to zero and also store properly.

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