Actual flight time from Honolulu worldwide Airport (HNL), Honolulu, United claims to Vancouver international Airport (YVR), Richmond, Canada.Distance between HNL & YVR is roughly 4360 kilometers.

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Flight time native HNL come YVR is 5 hours 40 minutes

Air Canada is one of the straight flight which takes 5 hours 40 minutes to take trip from Honolulu international Airport (HNL) to Vancouver global Airport (YVR)

Direct trip time native Honolulu to Richmond by various airlinesJourneyDurationAirline
Honolulu (HNL) ➝ Richmond (YVR)5 hours 40 minutesAir Canada, Delta air Lines, WestJet

1 Stop trip Time indigenous HNL come YVR Via san Francisco international Airport

One stop flight time indigenous Honolulu come Richmond via mountain Francisco, CA is 8 hours 38 minutes (operated by united Airlines)

HNL to SFO4 hrs 58 mins SFOWaiting Time1 hr 17 mins SFO to YVR2 hrs 23 mins Total Duration:8 hrs 38 mins

1 Stop trip Time indigenous HNL to YVR Via Los Angeles worldwide Airport

One stop flight time indigenous Honolulu come Richmond via Los Angeles is 9 hours 40 minutes (operated through Delta waiting Lines)

HNL to LAX5 hrs 36 mins LAXWaiting Time55 mins LAX come YVR3 hrs 9 mins Total Duration:9 hrs 40 mins

Flight time indigenous Honolulu worldwide Airport to various other airports near Richmond, Canada

Direct flight and one stop flight time from Honolulu global Airport to airports nearest come Vancouver global Airport is offered in the table below

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
HNL - YYJVictoria, Victoria worldwide Airport 5 hrs 42 minsNon-Stop

Honolulu time is3 hoursbehind Richmond

Current time in Honolulu, United says : Wed, 20 Oct, 2021,Honolulu Timezone: HST (-10:00)

02:32 to be

Current time in Richmond, Canada :, Wed, 20 Oct, 2021,Richmond Timezone: PDT (-07:00)

05:32 to be

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HNL - YVR flight Duration • Honolulu - Richmond flight Time

How lengthy is the flight from Honolulu global Airport to Vancouver international Airport? What is the HNL - YVR trip duration? What is the flying time native Honolulu come Richmond?

The airports map below shows the ar of Honolulu airport & Richmond airplane and additionally the trip direction.

Find flight time indigenous Honolulu international Airport or Honolulu or any kind of other airplane or city in United states to miscellaneous other destinations roughly the world using this flight time calculator.