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Hello my check engine light has actually been ~ above for about a month now and also my vehicle is starting to stutter when in park or as soon as the brake peddle is depressed. I cant find any reliable shops in mine area (I live in a small town) with a maker to check my code. So ns took a video clip of my engine light code blinking and also was wondering if anybody would tell me what that means. Give thanks to you again in breakthrough for her time.

Could it is in a plug or coil breaking down , also check all vac hoses / pipes for leaks .Without acquiring a diagnostic really simply an education guess .
Thank you for the details the light come on ~ a really bad snowstorm as soon as the auto was sit in the snow for a pair days. Isnt the blinking engine light supposed to offer off some type of code to phone call you whats wrong?


Could shot drying every engine electrics , plugs and so on .You could always buy a password reader if there space no garages close to you that could carry out a diagnostic read .
normally the engine irradiate is ~ above steady. As soon as it blinks you have a problem. It method don"t journey the car.
On steady way REAL problem NOW, and you should acquire it checked and repaired to avoid resulting in permanent damage. Blinking method malfunctions have occurred, yet may no be occurring right now.Code readers are less than $30 if you inspect around. Port Freight will send friend one reasonably inexpensively if you carry out not have accessibility locally. As provided some components stores will certainly extract the codes, and present you with a printout the what lock find. It helps them sell products to the do it yourself form person. If you have a laptop computer system with USB port, there are programs that will certainly let you review codes after you acquisition the suitable connecting wire setup.tom
I had actually that problem with a chevt astro, I offered a code reader and the light would blink a pattern. Clock the pattern and it had actually a equivalent problem. Ns don"t understand if this is a collection pattern however if it is it may be informing you what come look for. You have to stop by an Oreily"s or Auto Zone, lock will check out it. Once I to buy the cheap inepensive password reader and plugged it in, it in reality reset and also fixed mine problem. Walk figureGood luck
My irradiate usually stays on, reader says its one anti theft trouble or something. Today it started to blink, climate stop, climate blink again. Im at work-related now, naturally my leader is at home. Someone says it is no blinking a code, however when the blinks favor 10 times climate quits a while and also then beginning blinking some more it just method its a misfire or many misfires.

That write-up is a year and a fifty percent old, he could not gain your reply. Also, if girlfriend haveing a misfire, the irradiate will remain on for so plenty of cycles after the misfire ceases. Any type of misfire have to be looked into.

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As declared the light will flash then remain on because that certain species of misfires. As much as remaining on for an anti theft problem not likely. Must see what codes are stored as a an excellent starting point.
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