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Don"t let the two wins fool you — the Sabres are terrible, and also they"re going to be terrible all season long.

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Tuesday may have been the high/low-water note for that. The Sabres were outshot by the Maple Leafs — who, mental you, rarely outshoot everyone — 37-10. Yes, an NHL team controlled 10 shots over the course of a game. Buffalo now has 10 purposes in 11 games.

Tyler Myers claims the #sabres have actually hit "rock bottom." Adds: "That to be an embarrassing effort."

— kris Johnston (

The Sabres" vault franchise worst to be 11 shots, ago in 1981. The Leafs — in your billion-year background — have actually never allowed fewer.

The case screams for us to fire increase the hockey-reference.com pat Index, i beg your pardon is the best means to placed stuff prefer this right into context. That spans from the 1987-88 season till today.

First, indigenous CBS Sports" Adam Gretz:

10 shots top top goal, 37 shots allowed. Here"s how plenty of times the happened prior to Buffalo tonight (since 1987). Pic.twitter.com/UhRc2TP2HX

— Adam Gretz (

Forget the "37 shots allowed" qualifier. How plenty of teams have actually taken 10 shots or fewer in a game in the critical 27 years? Nineteen. None since 2008.


How plenty of individual players have had at least 11 shots in a game? That would be 267. Pavel Bure leader the means with 14 in 1996. 2 players — Patric Hornqvist and also Steven Stamkos — have 12 apiece in single games this season alone.

On and also on. For much more on what renders the Sabres so particularly terrible, read this native Travis Yost.

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This team win the Sharks. The Sharks!

Meanwhile, Connor McDavid made a puck explode at the practice. Feel better, Sabres fans.

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