Hi friends of A Dica execute Dia! today we space going to talk about Valentine’s work in Brazil! friend are likewise going to learn just how to say Happy Valentine’s work in Portuguese and also when Valentine’s job is in Brazil!

When is Valentine’s day in Brazil?

Did you understand that in Brazil us celebrate today on a different day from various other countries? and in Brazil us don’t speak to it Valentine’s work we speak to it Dia dos Namorados (Lovers’ Day). This method we can celebrate love quite than the name of the saint.

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In the unified States, for example, this date is pertained to Saint Valentine, yet in Brazil it is related to one of our Brazilian saints. For that reason, Valentine’s day in Brazil is on June 12 because of its proximity to St Anthony’s work on June 13th.

St Anthony that Padua is taken into consideration a “matchmaker” or a Saint the Love in Brazil. Brazilian Catholics pray to him asking for help to discover their soul Mate.

Valentine’s work in Brazil, or Lovers’ Day together we contact it, is comparable to Valentine’s work celebrated roughly the world. Yet here us don’t storage Saint Valentine because on February 14th we are usually celebrating Carnavalso us created one more date perform celebrate love! currently that you recognize the day of Valentine’s day in Brazil and what we call it, don’t forget it!


Saint Anthony – The “matchmaker”

Celebrating Lovers’ day in Brazil

Lovers’ day is a date to storage love! It’s a pretty day come think about our partners, far-ranging others, civilization we love and also share our life with. We don’t need to wait for that day to show affection come the ones us love, yet it’s is really one-of-a-kind to execute something different on this day!

For Valentine’s Day, in plenty of countries it’s typical to give presents to ours friends too. But in Brazilian Lovers’ job is much more common to share this date only with our far-ranging others. A day dedicated to celebrate that you uncovered your better half!

What room the Brazilian Lovers’ day traditions? on Lovers’ job it’s a legacy to have actually dinner v our far-ranging other and also give gifts such as chocolate, love letters, flower or any kind of other romantic gift. We likewise like to execute surprises… sending out something in the center of the day to our lover or preparing something special and different for us as a couple.

To storage Lovers’ job in Brazil is constantly a nice idea to walk for a romantic go on the beach, or to have actually a picnic at Aterro perform Flamengo, or have a unique coffee in the beautiful Confeitaria Colombo..

How to say Happy Valentine’s job in Portuguese? 

If you want to speak Happy Valentine’s in Portuguese, we’ll teach you: Feliz dia dos namorados. Namorados in Portuguese mean lovers, but this native is the mrs form. So, if you desire to speak it in the feminine you need to say: Feliz dia das namoradas!

Remember the in Portuguese the many is just feminine as soon as it’s 100% feminine (which would be just women or feminine words). If girlfriend don’t remember the Portuguese plural, examine out ours Dica about it. 

Check out other things the you have the right to say to her Valentine:

Eu car amoI love you
Você é o amor da minha vidaYou’re the love of my life
Você é a metade da minha laranjaYou space my much better half
Eu sou mais feliz com você, meu amorI’m happier v you, mine love

Want to know exactly how Brazilians speak to their lovers? inspect out this quite Dica around Brazilian nicknames! 


Some Valentine’s work gifts.

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Well friends. Now you know exactly how to celebrate v your Valentines (lovers!) in Brazil! we hope girlfriend have took pleasure in today’s Dica do Dia!

See you.

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