family Guy: 10 finest Meg episodes Meg may not be the many popular family Guy character however she"s quiet starred in a selection of her very own episodes. Right here are 10 of her best.

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Family Guy has actually been able to critical its 20+ year covering career by gift a little an ext than a ripoff of The Simpsons. V Seth MacFarlane"s details entertainer flare and downhearted world view, the Griffins have come to be a much much easier yet also starker rendition the the American family members than The Simpsons has ever built.

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While everyone of its characters have some title to the series" increasing edginess, no various other character has ever before touched the complexity and also cruel tragedy of Meg Griffin. In what was initially an alleged to be just another teenage girl to fill in, Meg has come to be a symbol for the typical high schooler at their worst and most beaten, creating a selection of the series" darkest and most compelling episodes in the process. This list will certainly be looking with a couple of of those, as it runs down some of family members Guy"s ideal Meg episodes.

though she was expected to it is in the breakable teenage daughter that many sitcom dads commonly fawn over, Peter Griffin has rarely presented Meg a concerned eye. That all alters after a horrific accident almost kills Meg, and also he assures to become a much more dedicated dad. It"s really timely too, as Meg soon falls in love through the young physician who looked end her.

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Showing the he can"t even be a good dad once he tries, Peter go on the offensive and also begins harassing Meg"s new boyfriend though points really take a turn as soon as the family members learns the Meg can be pregnant.

Meg has had actually a lot of of an individual image issues throughout the course of the series. Though this has actually taken an exaggerated level in the current running that the show, this was simply typical, teenage insecurity beforehand on.

When Lois was still a caring mother, she take it Meg come the mall because that a do over, not discovering that the revolution would somehow command the Griffins to brand-new fame together a household band. While it is a funny opportunity, Meg"s insecurity quickly becomes overrun through ego once she wholeheartedly believes the she is the entire show.

for those sick and tired of every the jabs in ~ Meg transparent Family Guy, Dial Meg for Murder is just the cathartic comeuppance top top the Griffins that everyone needs. ~ Brian discovers that Meg is dating a jail escapee, he calls the police but accidentally sends Meg herself to jail. When she comes back, she"s utterly adjusted by the system.

Having been transformed right into an actual criminal, Meg starts displaying her supremacy in the house and also harasses the family. She even exacts part vengeance ~ above high school mean girl, Connie D"Amico through cracking she skull open up with a sack of soda cans. It"s a violent, horrifying mirroring that the world of Family Guy kind of deserves.

7 From technique To Madness

being a young high schooler, it"s typical for Meg to be exploratory with her romantic options, and she"s had quite the romantic trip within the series. One of the most memorable trysts in the present is as soon as she starts dating the son of a nudist family.

Much to she family"s dismay, Meg find him to be among the few people that she can actually attach with (this week). As soon as the Griffins grow tired of their fighting back, they soon take on her new relationship by embracing the entire, nudist lifestyle. It"s a bit extreme but a heartwarming gesture nonetheless.

The tumultuous relationship in between Meg and also fellow high institution outcast, Neil Goldman, has actually been a storied dynamic in the series" beforehand game. Neil would shot to woo Meg, however Meg would refuse him, believing that she could do so lot better. However, when Peter accumulates a huge debt in ~ Mort"s Pharmacy, he in reality sells her to the Goldman"s come pay turn off his debt.

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Ironically enough, this is as soon as Neil no much longer wants her. After having grown tired of the consistent rejections, Neil starts dating a new girl, and this actually renders Meg envious. Thrust off the edge, Meg selling herself away so that she have the right to finally day Neil.

5 Deep Throats

while Meg has had actually plenty that passionate trysts in Family Guy, the one that stands the end the many to lengthy time viewers was her notorious relationship with Mayor Adam West. Before he to be married come Lois" sister, Adam West privately dated Meg.

To it is in fair, their connection wouldn"t see any kind of physicality, however it to be still creepy nonetheless. Having found this throughout a heated hatred of the mayor, Brian threatens to walk public v the news however soon finds the he might be endangering something truly special.

This illustration primarily focuses on Peter"s exploits in do the efforts to save Stewie"s first birthday party ~ he ruins things v the original venue. While this adventure was funny on that is own, Meg leads an additional engaging tale on the B-side.

Always one to struggle making brand-new friends, Meg is soon befriended by a mysterious, smiley girl in she school. Unbeknownst to her, the girl is secretly trying come recruit she for a cult that"s top top the night of a suicide pact.

3 Leggo my Meg-O

This is perhaps one of the couple of episodes where Meg is genuinely wanted and in more ways than one. In a parody that the thriller Taken, Meg travel to Europe through a friend only to find herself kidnapped and brought come the European servant trade.

Her only hope is Brian and Stewie who have to retrace the events of her kidnapping and also hunt under the underground traffickers. Fortunately for them, Meg is not specifically the first pick because that the trade.

as soon as Meg"s high school becomes overrun through the new, toad-centric drug craze, Peter volunteers to attitude as one of the college student to shot and to convince her to stay away from drugs from within. What that doesn"t mean is a sudden climb to popularity among the youngsters that manages come appeal to his very own insecure background in high school.

When Meg tries come score part popularity clues by taking Peter come the dance, he i do not care tempted by the renowned crowd and also ditches his daughter. Having actually to choose between redoing his high college career and also making certain that Meg just has actually a good, very first one, Peter makes a complicated sacrifice.

1 proper Legal

together the stepping stool because that the rest of the family, Meg doesn"t often get to be the villain of one episode. Things take a turn yet when Brian takes she on a pity day to her institution dance and drunkenly kisses her.

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This causes Meg to loss in love with him; and also after he rejects her later on advances, Meg soon starts a crazed obsession the pretty lot rips off at least 2 or 3 thrillers. When Meg ultimately goes over the edge and kidnaps Brian, the Griffins need to think that something rapid to conserve him and also their daughter"s mental state.