Fast travel to the El ray Motel and make your means west till you with a concrete ledge overlooking a road. Head south previous an NCR barricade and cross a bridge to the west, then loot a Mine box close to some an ext barricades. Clean the structures to the south of part Fiends, then continue west follow me the road to discover some train tracks, which you should follow north. Previous some steel barricades look north, north-west to spot the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters behind a Poseidon power gas station… the huge bottle statue the end front should provide it away.

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Make your means to the big Sunset Sarsaparilla party (which is in reality the enntrance gate to the building) and make your way inside the headquarters. There are other gateways into the manufacturing facility floor, and also some Sunset Sarsaparilla Crates you can loot roughly the external of the factory. Loot together you will, however for the sake of uniformity it’ll it is in assumed you went into the front entrance.


Alice McLafferty will certainly assign you the asking of disabling a working bottle cap push (left). Within the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters you’ll fulfill the fabled Festus, that promises good rewards in exchange for Sunset Sarsaparilla Star party Caps (right).

The Legend the the Star¶

In the lobby, search the south-eastern corner to find Festus. The legendary, pre-war entity recognized as Festus, that supposedly prowls the Mojave place Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle Caps around and also promising exceptional rewards because that them… is an automated mechanical mascot. Speak to it and also say “Star Info” to start the quest The Legend of the Star , which tasks you with find enough Sunset Sarsaparilla Star party Caps to knife a prize.

By now - if you’ve complied with the guide - you must have more than enough of these caps. You need fifty to proceed, however should have over sixty, perhaps closer to seventy, i m sorry were discovered along the course of her journey therefore far. This is there is no drinking a single bottle the Sunset Sarsaparilla, which deserve to randomly (around a 5% chance) productivity Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle Caps. Friend can likewise play lucky Horsehoes with Festus to success some, a dialogue-based mini-game not worth going right into too much detail; suffice to say it involves getting together close come 21 together possible, with the player that ends closest to 21 wins.

If you’ve acquired fifty (or more) or the stars, deposit them through Festus and also he’ll give you a prize… i m sorry is fairly underwhelming, come say the least. Complain, and you’ll be told to go to the vault to acquire a far better reward, finishing the search The Legend of the Star and beginning A an important Lesson .


After you complete The Legend that the Star all Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle Caps you have - and find later on - will certainly be converted right into normal party Caps.


Activate the janitorial Mr. Handy (left) and also it’ll clean the factory floor, netting friend a hefty heap of bottle Caps (right).

Exploring the soil Floor¶

Well, seems like all this fabled stars the so many human being died end weren’t worth the effort to collect. Might also check the end the vault, though. You also need to disable the bottle cap press, too, therefore there’s plenty of factor to explore this ar more. Very first head west v some twin doors behind the lobby’s front desk. In part bathrooms with a door come the south you can discover an Ash Pile with some loot mixed in the - seems prefer somebody acquired zapped by a laser weapon - and a an initial Aid Box. Additional down the hallway to the west, v another set of double doors you’ll find a Vending device and through another door to the southern you can uncover a Food warehouse fridge.

Return to the lobby and also head through a door come the north and also into a hallway. Make your means east, then rotate north and also head under a hallway. On your left are double doors causing an office room with a broke down floor that forms a ramp to the upper level. For now, however, turn your fist to the ideal (east) to find two smaller sized rooms. The southerly of the 2 is a small storage closet v uninteresting loot, but the north one consists of a Mr. Janitor robot, which have the right to be triggered by hacking a Terminal .

Activate the robot, then it’ll head west into two manufacturing facility rooms, one v the destroyed office, and another under a hallway to the west. As you explore these two locations, be wary the the Protectrons lurking around. In the office across from the room wherein you triggered Mr. Janitor you’ll find a couple of desks come loot, and in the factory behind that space plenty the Sunset Sarsaparilla party - both full and also empty. In the crated behind an work “Bottling Robot” Mr. Comfortable you’ll find many full bottles, when in various other crates you’ll find empty ones, together with empties top top the floor and in some crates upstairs. If you speak to the Bottling Robot it’ll identify you as an intruder and also turn hostile.

In the other, larger factory floor at the end of the hall you’ll encounter 2 “Shipping Worker” Protectrons and many, plenty of crates of empty Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles. You’ll additionally find the party Cap push in the facility of the room, beside some crates. Activate it, then piece its components to satisfy Alice McLafferty… or at the very least it will, after you report back, anyways. Once the Mr. Janitor robot finishes its cleaning sweep, return to the hallway near the room where it rests (across indigenous the office room) and search the Garbage deserve to in the hallway to find the fruits of the robot’s labors; end 550 bottle Caps. Junk in the old world, but an important currency in the post-apocalyptic civilization of Fallout.

A an important Lesson¶

Make your way to the office room and head increase the improvised ramp to with the 2nd floor… just avoid the eastern finish of the ramp close to the pie-chart presentation, together you can obtain stuck in the floor. Go west through a doorway and also into part hallways, which kind a loop roughly this upper floor. In the facility of the level room two bathrooms, every of which have a an initial Aid crate in them, and also in one office come the eastern you’ll find… well, pretty mundane loot.

Continue to the southern end of this hallway loop to uncover some stairs walk down and - to the eastern - another hallway expanding further south. Under the stairs you’ll find two locked doors , one of which is opened (how is a door locked open?) and also would have just resulted in some rubble anyways, if the various other leads come a boring office room. Uneven you really treatment to get the XP native unlocking the doors, there’s no much allude in bothering v them.

Down the hallway to the south, on the other hand (past another uninteresting office to the east) you’ll discover a doorway causing an office through a feet in the floor. Hack a Terminal if you desire to read some this firm babble, then unlock a wall surface Safe over the feet in the floor to find some an ext goodies, consisting of a Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle Cap, i m sorry you must no much longer need.

Descend down the hole in the floor, then head with a doorway to the west to uncover the twin doors bring about the vault. If you gave Festus fifty Sunset Sarsaparilla Star party Caps earlier, this door will certainly be unlocked. Head within to uncover a chaos of Sunset Sarsaparilla Deputy Badges; cheap swag that Sunset Sarsaparilla started providing out come winners of their challenge to deter complaints. It’s not all a bust for you, however, together there are countless Sunset Sarsaparilla Crates, each of which generally contains 50 - 150 Caps, or around 1,100 caps in total. No a poor haul, there. In the south-western corner of the vault you’ll uncover the body of Allen marks - a well known hunter the Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle Caps, and also murderer that those that possessed them. Appears he met a fitting end, which you’ll learn about if you pick up the Holotape near his body. Once you choose up the Holotape the pursuit A valuable Lesson will end and also you’ll acquire a massive XP reward. If that’s not great enough, choose up the distinctive Laser Pistol Pew Pew ~ above the floor nearby.


In the shipping area you’ll uncover the party cap press that Alice wants out that comission (left). Allen clues may have perished in his homocidal search to achieve Sunset Sarsaparilla Star bottle Caps, yet his ns is your acquire (right).

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For a one-handed Laser Pistol, Pew Pew hits like a ton that bricks, even out-damaging the Gobi campaign Scout Rifle! that uses energy Cells, i m sorry are relatively heavy, but the big downside to Pew Pew is the ammo consumption, using up a whopping five energy Cells per shot. With a clip dimension of ten, Pew Pew will gain two shots in between reloads. It’s reload rate isn’t terribly long, however when you have to do it every 2 shots… well, do them count. It’s a serviceable weapon, however the downsides can outweigh its life power, together it forces you to carry roughly a great bit of ammo. Top top the to add side, its demands are functionally nil.