AN Escape Series #2 - The Closet aka Escape the Closet is the second episode of p-n-c Escape the Car room escape game created by Shawn Tanner for Afro-Ninja. Like in the first part of this series, you have to escape from the room by finding and using objects with clues. Good luck!Update: Let"s replay this game, while waiting for new games!Play Escape the ClosetEscape the Closet Walkthrough

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Walkthrough: go right once and there is a letter on the wall, read it and learn by memory ,click on the lines at the bottom to get a clue "The key to time is in time itself".(for the moment …mah..)go right once more, open the jacket and get the gold watchtake the empty coat hangerclick on the bottom of the screen to go down, you will see a toolbox and a picturepick up the picture, get crowbar and tin snips from toolbox .use tin snips on hanger and use hanger wire on watch to open it, pull the tab on the side of the watch to set the time on the watch to the time on the clock in the picture (about 3:35 short hand just after the three and long hand on the 7, you will have to play around with it to get it right) when you have it set right, the side of the watch opens giving you a key..(eeh!..)once you have the key, click on the top of the screen to face the ceiling, use crowbar to remove the boards covering the panel, use key on panel to open itafter opening the panel, you are now in another room with a light that is flickering and a lever. pull the lever and go back to the room..it has changed.pick up envelope on the shelf, open it and read the letter (look the date!!!)get personal organizer from pocket of blue coatgo right to read note on wall (this tells you what the password is for the personal organizer, which is 111787, the date of the letter in the envelope! )go left to face the coat again and click on the bottom of the screen to see the floor, pick up shoehorn(useless for me) and then use the personal organizer to get the key to the box (input the password, key is inside the organizer)take ring out of box, go to doorclick on ring, and click on the ruby part until it comes off, combine ruby with the wire from the coat hanger and put it in the space above the doorknob...out to enjoy the Saturday night.