Emerald Isle is situated at the southwestern tip of the Outer financial institutions of north Carolina. The island is the last occupied island in the barrier island chain, and also is flanked by two huge uninhabited islands, giving Emerald Isle a true island feel.

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Emerald Isle is a component of the crystal Coast, a 24 mile lengthy island house to Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Salter Path, jaw Knoll Shores and also Atlantic Beach. The island is serviced by 2 causeways at the eastern and also western ends of the island. Because of the easy access to the island, girlfriend will find that obtaining on and also off the island during the summer months is without the website traffic congestion you normally encounter with various other parts the the external Banks.

Driving Distances

Richmond, VA ~ 250 mile Washington, DC ~ 350 mile Pittsburgh, PA ~ 720 miles Cincinnati, five ~ 750 Miles new York, NY ~ 570 mile Atlanta, GA ~ 500 miles Charlotte, NC ~ 300 Miles

Commercial Airports

Jacksonville, NC ~ 1 hour Albert Ellis plane 910-324-1100 website

New Bern, NC ~ 1 hour Craven regional Airport 252-638-8591 website

Kinston, NC ~ 1.5 hours Raleigh, NC ~ 3 hours


Directions from 95 phibìc ~ (southbound)

95 SouthExit 119A. (HWY 264 east) in the direction of Wilson/Greenville NCContinue top top 264 east (right) to path 117 (HWY 795 South)Go approximately 20 mile to 70 eastern towards KinstonStay in best line, approximately 0.5 miles off the exit ramp go under the overpass and follow 70 east to KinstonAfter approximately 23 miles obtain in the right lane and also follow indications for 258-South By-Pass. Go approximately 3.5 miles and take a best on HWY 58 south towards Emerald Isle. Look for Emerald Isle sign, 59 mile (McDonalds is ~ above the left throughout intersection)Follow signs for HWY 58 southern through Trenton, Pollocksville, Maysville, and also Cape CarteretHWY 58 southern turns into Emerald Drive. Cross over the High climb Bridge and you room in Emerald Isle. Check in in ~ Shorewood genuine Estate approximately 2.5 miles from the bridge on the right

Directions native 95 southern ~ (northbound)

95 NorthExit 52A (NC 24) in the direction of ClintonMerge ~ above NC-24 top top the outskirts of ClintonTurn Left onto US-701 business Route/NC-24Turn ideal onto NC-24Follow NC-24 into WarsawTurn slightly to the best on NC-24/NC-50 Kenansvile HWYFollow 24/50 to KenansvilleTurn left ~ above NC-11/NC-24Follow the NC-24 indications through KenansvilleContinue to monitor NC-24 for around 61 miles previous Jacksonville and SwansboroTurn ideal onto HWY 58HWY 58 southern turns into Emerald Drive. Cross end the High rise Bridge and also you space in Emerald Isle. Inspect in in ~ Shorewood genuine Estate about 2.5 mile from the bridge on the right


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