But how much more difficult it must have been for the inhabitants of Lovell, Wyo., to accept that their trusted small-town physician had actually selectively raped his female patients because that 25 years on the flexible examining table in his family members clinic.

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The 1985 conviction the Dr. John Huntington Story ripped Lovell apart, pitting friends and family members against each other in displays of ignorance and also bigotry.

The hate of those who safeguarded Story"s innocence was matched by those who assumed him guilty. Lovell"s citizens would certainly drive more than 10 miles out of town to perform their wash or shop since of your allegiances. The town"s tiny company district has almost disintegrated together a result.

Much that the proof in Jack Olsen"s fast-paced re-creation of occasions leading up to Story"s conviction because that raping or sexually abusing six patients weighs heavily against the physician, despite his Norman Rockwell reputation. Emotion their stories would never be believed, Story"s victims endured for years in silence. The crime to be so destructive that castle concocted all sorts of terrific rationalizations to try to forget what had actually happened.

Most the his victims to be simple, sexually unsophisticated women. They had actually trouble referring to components of the male anatomy because they were as well embarrassed to say the names. Sex was simply not a object of conversation for well-bred women in Lovell. And also each victim thought she was the just one.

Because Story to be the only doctor most of the victim had ever known, they had no idea the their pelvic exams must not critical 45 minutes or include lengthy pain.

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This well-written story of just how word of the doctor"s abuses finally leaked out is both fascinating and infuriating. Provided the obstacles, it is remarkable it was ever before told in ~ all.



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