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Mosquitos are terrible pests we all try to avoid. They buzz around, then settle and bite! There’s not much to like about them! And they breed fairly quickly in just about any small amount of water.


Maturing Heartworm Larvae

Once inside the cat, the heartworm larvae (not the mosquito larvae) move to the cat’s heart. It’s here they grow into adults. After maturing female and male heartworms will reproduce and create more heartworms that clog the heart, and more.

Symptoms of Heartworm Infection Cats

You may notice these symptoms in your cat if she develops heartworms:Intermittent vomiting (may include blood)DiarrheaRapid, difficult breathingCoughingGaggingLoss of appetiteLethargyWeight lossIf you notice these symptoms in your cat, call the vet immediately. This could be a life-threatening emergency.

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Treatment of Heartworm Infection in Cats

The vet will perform a physical exam, order lab work, and may also order chest x-rays. They may also order a test to see if the cat’s blood contains antibodies to the heartworm, and see if adult heartworm proteins are in the blood. Vets also sometimes use ultrasound to see if there are heartworms in the heart and nearby blood vessels.Heartworms are not treatable in cats; so, treatment may depend on the severity of symptoms. In cats without severe symptoms, the vet may choose to monitor their condition. Other treatments are also possible, but there’s no medication that’s safe to rid cats of these horrible parasites.So, your cat will be just fine if he drinks water that contains mosquito larvae. The problem comes from adult female mosquitos that are infected with heartworms. While there are no treatments to rid cats of heartworms, there are medications that can prevent this infection in your cat.