Mia Khalifa, who when topped the charts the adult site Pornhub, has actually gone under the knife because that a brand-new nose job. She additionally told fans about her chest implants in an Instagram post


"What i loved was was us were ~ above the exact same page around maintaining my strong Middle eastern nose, just softening it to be much more feminine. I can't wait to present you all the result."

The West Ham pan then moved on to her breast implants, and also urged her fans no to be also envious.

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She beer-selection.comntinued: "PS being transparent about this was never ever a question. Do no idolise the mrs you watch on society media and also base her self-worth on beer-selection.commpare that are unrealistic.

"If you've ever before looked in ~ my boobs and also wished yours looked prefer that, you re welbeer-selection.comme remember mine room made out of the same material as the spatula in her kitchen drawer."


Mia also spoke out about her breast implants (Image: miakhalifa/Instagram) check out MoreRelated posts

everyday Star Online previously revealed that Khalifa had to have surgery on among her breasts after ~ a hockey puck smashed into her chest at 80mph.

She called us: "I to be sitting behind the glass during a game, and also it beer-selection.comme shooting over the glass and it captured me so off guard and I had no idea it was beer-selection.comming.

"I got my chest and I didn't desire to let go, due to the fact that I felt prefer if i did let walk blood was going to be everywhere.


Mia is now a social media personality ~ retiring from porn (Image: miakhalifa/Instagram) review MoreRelated articles

"I acquired to take it it home, it was the solitary greatest souvenir any hockey fan deserve to get: a game-used puck the beer-selection.commes in ~ you and hits you.

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"They're really heavy, it's pure rubber, they go at around 80mph.

"My left breast is beer-selection.comntempt deflated now and also I will certainly be obtaining it fixed next year."


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