(wishes plural & 3rd person present) (wishing present participle) (wished past tense & past participle )

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1  n-count A wish is a desire or strong feeling the you want to have actually something or execute something. oft with poss Clearly she had actually no wish for conversation..., She wanted to go anywhere in the world. She soon got her wish..., The decision to be made versus the wishes of the party leader.   → death wish 
2  verb If you wishto perform something or to have actually it done for you, you want to do it or have actually it done. FORMAL If you wish to walk away because that the weekend, ours office will certainly be happy to do hotel reservations...  V to-inf We can dress together we great now...  V There were the collaborators, that wished because that a German victory.  V for n 
3  verb 
If you great something to be true, friend would choose it to it is in true, even though you recognize that that is difficult or unlikely. no cont I wish I might do that...  V that The world is not constantly what us wish it to be.  V n to-inf 
4  verb 
If you wish because that something, friend express the desire for that point silently to yourself. In fairy stories, once a person wishes for something, the thing they great for frequently happens through magic. We have actually all wished for males who are much more considerate...  V because that n   Wish is also a noun., n-count Blow the end the candles and also make a wish.  
5  verb 
If friend say that you would certainly not great a particular thing on someone, you average that the point is therefore unpleasant that you would certainly not desire them to be compelled to experience it. no cont, with brd-neg It"s a horrid experience and also I wouldn"t wish it on mine worst enemy.  V n top top n 
6  verb 
If you wish someone other such as luck or happiness, friend express the hope the they will certainly be lucky or happy. I great you both a very an excellent journey...  V n n Goodbye, Hanu. I wish friend well.  V n adv 
7  n-plural 
If you express your an excellent wishes towards someone, you space politely expressing her friendly feelings in the direction of them and also your hope the they will certainly be effective or happy. adj N  (politeness) I found George"s story an extremely sad. Please offer him my ideal wishes...  
death wish 
 , death-wish A fatality wish is a aware or unconscious desire to die or be killed.  n-sing 
wish list   (wish lists plural )If you describe someone"s great list, you average all the things which castle would favor to take place or it is in given, although this things might be unlikely. INFORMAL  n-count oft through poss ...one one-of-a-kind toy the tops the wish list of every child...  

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