Profession: Youtubers
Date the birth: Jun 08, 2000
Age: 21
Net worth: 3 Million
Birth Place: phibìc Carolina
elevation (m): 1.75
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: solitary

Hayes Grier is an American net personality. He came to be popular because that sharing videos on Vine and later YouTube. That has developed his YouTube channel ~ above 28 Nov 2013 having more than 7.6 million views and also 882k subscribers. 

Further, he is the youngest brother of society media influencer, Nash Grier and NFL player, will certainly Grier. He has actually recently been in the headlines after he to be accused that robbing and beating a guy in north Carolina. Let us scroll over to know more information ~ above his connection or network worth.

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Caption: The YouTube personality, Hayes Grier.Source: YouTube

Hayes Grier: Bio, Family, Career

The YouTube personality was born top top 8 June 2000 as Benjamin Hayes Grier in phibìc Carolina, the United claims of America. That is the 3rd child that four youngsters of mother Elizabeth Floyd and also his dad Chad Grier. He has two older brothers: Will and also Nash Grier. His elder brother works as a quarterback drafted through the Carolina Panthers in the 3rd round of the 2019 NFL Draft. His 2nd older brother, Nash, is likewise popular because that posting videos ~ above Vine.

He has also a half-sister Skylynn from his mother and also her existing husband man Floyd. Concerning his education, the attended Davidson work School however not revealed details on his further educational qualifications. Besides his society media career, he acquired fame for being a contestant ~ above the 21st season the Dancing through The Stars, partnering through Emma Slater.

He came to be the youngest masculine contestant at the age of 15 to it is in on the show. However, they eliminated and finished the competition in 8 hours place. Further, that signed a deal with an innovative Artists company for media and also publishing exposure. He also appeared in the Hulu TV display called Freakish and also a reality present on the app go90 dubbed Top Grier. Additionally, he had actually released his first novel ‘Hollywood Days with Hayes’ in November 2016.

Hayes Grier: personal Life & Girlfriend

Coming over to personal life, he has kept most of his private affairs in the media. He has actually not provided information top top his relationships or past dating history. That reported being in a partnership with Kalani Hilliker. However, he is right now linked up with a girl called Jordan Griffiths whom he met in ~ a girl in soccer camp.

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Apart from that, it to be reported that he had actually been involved in a dirt bike accident ~ above 28 July 2016 and hurriedly to hospital. On 30th July, he to be released 2 days after ~ he damaged several bones. The cops arrested that on outstanding warrants native California ~ above July 31, 2021. After supposedly attacking a guy and also stealing his $1,200 cell phone, additionally had charged through felony conspiracy, typical law robbery, and also assault bring about serious bodily injury.