We’ve all had actually to do phone calls us wish us didn’t need to make. While the call rings, we pray the human doesn’t answer, therefore we have the right to simply leave a voicemail message.

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That"s wherein Slydialcomes in.It"s a company that lets a caller go directly into a cell phone number"s voicemail. Even better, the simple service is free, and also no signup is compelled to usage it uneven you need more functionality.


To usage Slydial, dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425). As soon as prompted,enter the us mobile phone number for the human you space trying come call. When the service connects you, leave your voicemail, and then just hang up.

You can additionally use theSlydial app for iOS or Android. Create a free account through the service, then select a call through the application or manually enter a phone call number. As soon as the app has linked the call, leave a voicemail, and hang up once you"re finished.

Unfortunately, no all phone numbers deserve to be dialed: Slydial doesn"t job-related with landline phones, third-party voicemail services, VoIP numbers, or prepaid mobile phones. If you i ordered it to one of the premium plans, friend can eliminate the ads on the service and send messages to multiple contact at once.

Alternative solutions exist, yet most voice-broadcasting services don"t offer cost-free service, and also most emphasis on messaging dozens or hundreds of contacts in ~ a time.

Call v Voicemail

Traditional voicemail solutions once readily available this feature, however visual voicemail (with a visual interface that lets you access messages directly) has mostlyeliminated that possibility.If her phone walk not have visual voicemail, and you have actually to contact an inbox to hear your messages, you may still be able to use this feature.


Check v your transport on specifics, but an choice to "send a message" may be in the voicemail menu. This will permit you to send a voice message from your voicemail to one more person"s received mailbox without having actually to do a phone contact first.

Even if you have this feature, it can only be used to send message to contacts v the same carrier together you. Therefore Verizon customers can send voice messages only to other Verizon customers, because that example.

Voice Messaging

Many messaging apps now offer the ability to send voice message to contact without having actually to make a phone speak to in the first place. Using this method, you"re bypassing a phone call call and also voicemail entirely, but it offer the same purpose.

Messaging services including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and also WhatsApp all assistance voice messaging. Generally, girlfriend send a voice message through among these apps by opening a conversation and also holding down the microphone button. You then let go to send the article or swipe the display screen to delete.

iPhone customers have another option: You have the right to send a voice post from Apple"s message by tapping the microphone switch inside the message box (this functions only when you"re messaging other iPhones). Through default, this voice messages critical for just two minutes before they are deleted, yet you can adjust that. Either tap save under any type of sent voice post or walk to Settings > Messages and tap Expire under Audio Messages. Friend can set the expiration day to Never, but this affects just your record of the conversation, no the recipient"s.

The Voice Memos application can likewise be supplied to document a voice message. You climate tap the ellipsis icon and also open the share pane to uncover the exactly destination.

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