1. Goggles: This is a photo of my goggles after a job in the oppressive heat we had last week. The plastic/rubbery eye socket seal thing literally melted and also turned into a crusty yellow-brown color. Fail.

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2. Deodorant. I choose the normal, white deodorant style. If your automobile gets also hot, it will certainly melt, and also when you shot to open it, it’ll fly out and also you will end up with deodorant top top the floor.

3. Water bottles….they end up being boiling water bottles. Here’s a photo of a sweet bottle through Ultrarunner Darcy Africa top top it!

4. Cats. Isn’t she cute? I’d never ever leave her in my car. Even on a typical temperature day.

5. Babies. Duh.

6. GU. The melts and also then take away on the consistency of Powerbar gels…which are much more like liquid and are pretty gross.

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