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I have an 85 ramcharger. The passenger window was out and i did every the checks and also found out it was the motor. I replaced the motor and everything worked fine for a pair of weeks. Now both windows don"t work. I checked the fuse and its fine. Ns cant find any breaker switches or any kind of other fuse kind things because that the windows. Please aid as quickly as possible I desire to market this truck yet not with broken windows.

You have a self resetting circuit breaker in her fuse panel that feeds the power windows and power door locks (if so equipped). You additionally have a relay situated under the dash (behind the ash tray) that supplies power come the power windows. Easy sufficient to bypass to check if that"s your problem. 
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Well I"ve been looking and I cant discover that relay. Ns do have actually power locks and also they are obtaining power. Any much more info top top the areas of those things?
check and make certain the ground because that the move is great it might have come undone correctly both home windows ground out though one soil it will certainly be in the drivers door ns think that or that is under the dash not sure where it is

YOU WILL need TO find YOUR home window LIFT RELAY and also RUN A BYPASS check TO check out IF the WORKING. You WILL have A 4 cable HOOKUP RELAY, light GREEN, TAN, BLACK,YELLOW. BEHIND THE ASH TRAY contempt TO THE DRIVER SIDE. THE strength LOCK RELAY (4 wire HOOKUP 4ORANGE and 4PINK) will BE really CLOSE IF not RIGHT alongside THE home window RELAY.

yea they"ll be a silver- squarish box mounted side by side to the dash structure in the location just posted.

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