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I can"t get my back seat to fold up ! Is there a lever or something ? 07 5.9 quad cab Sent from Free App

For a while mine was really hard to lift up, just had to put some muscle in it, also try to look in between the top and bottom of seat to make sure nothing is in there stopping it from folding.
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Thanks I"m going try to get it to fold up tomorrow I guess worse thing I can do is break it lol!Sent from Free App
Had the same problem on mine. Does go part way and then seem to hit a stop? There is a latch. Oval shaped thing on the hinge pin by the door. Has a few indents that hang up. Need to move it with a screwdriver. Cant remember if it was up or down. Lube it good and move it a few times.outa fix it.Also, it may hang up trying to put the seat back down.
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Mopar. Thanks, had identical problem but when i pryed that little bar up a penny flew out the other side lol
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