I'm totally new to drinking rum and also I to be wondering if it was OK or encourage to store rum in the freezer? i read around how it turns the alcohol come a syrup consistency i beg your pardon I assumed was quite cool but then i read in other places that it death the flavor.

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I freshly bought Vizcaya Cristal top top the reference that it makes a great rum and coke and also an excellent for sipping neat or ~ above the rocks. I have it in the freezer now however wondering if I should take that out?


I mean, if she gonna drink the whole bottle in ~ a pair months, do every little thing you want with it. If you prefer it freezing temp, through all means keep that in the freezer.

If you are storing a bottle long-term for one-of-a-kind occasions and also the like, climate that’s more than likely a different story. I store my nicer ingredient in a cool cabinet (as close to a cellar temp as possible) and out of direct sunlight.

Will maintaining it in the freezer readjust or ruin the smell though? ns think ns should add that I have absolutely no feeling of smell so im prob missing out on a many the seasonings to start with for this reason I want to lug out the spices the best means possible.

Freezing does not damage the spirit. Good rum is wasted drink cold due to the fact that you (temporarily) deaden the flavor through the cold. However if you like it, or if that's what you should do to tolerate drinking complete strength spirits, then gain it but you like. It especially doesn't issue for cocktails you're drinking v ice.

If you haven't make the efforts it in ~ room temp, ns would shot it at the very least once.

Why would certainly you placed it in the freezer? I’ve watched that with Vodka, yet I’ve never heard the rum gift consumed cold. Rum has actual taste, so shouldn’t be consumed cold.

Honestly, I have actually no idea. I've been analysis stuff all over the internet and picks dthst up somewhere how putting the alcohol in the freezer provides it a syrupy consistency and also that sounded interesting. I went Nad purchase a party of the first one the was said to me, Captain Morgan Carribean White Rum, and popped it right into the freezer. Ns didn't enjoy it together it pretty much tasted favor rubbing alcohol. My next attempt was v Vizcaya Cristal which tastes really great and I deserve to actually pick up on part flavors.

If that matters, I'm diabetic and started looking into what I have the right to actually drink without ruining my blood sugar and also came top top rum, whiskey, vodka, and also tequila. So now I'm on a personal mission to watch what i enjoy and doesn't affect the diabetes, and also I started with rum and coke zero and I likewise want to try it neat and also on the rocks.

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I likewise have zero sense of smell, it totally went far from sooner or later to the next over 10 years ago so I miss out on out on all of the smells and some of the tastes of something that i eat and drink, so ns figured I'd go through a white because the smells of a darker rum would be lost to me.