AMES, Iowa – Winter is just about the corner, and also while evergreen tree are constructed to survive the cold weather, lock still require care and also preventive measures during the colder months the the year. What are the finest suggestions?

Here space some tips from Iowa State university and also Outreach horticulturists on how to aid evergreens make it through winter.

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Some that the needles on mine white pines have actually turned yellow and also begun dropping to the floor in the last few weeks. Space the tree dying?

The loss of needles is probably as result of seasonal needle drop. Deciduous trees, such together maple and linden, drop all of their leaves in fall. Despite it mostly goes unnoticed, evergreens also lose a portion of your foliage (needles) on a yearly basis. Seasonal needle drop on most evergreens wake up in fall. Needle lose is many noticeable top top white pines.

As lot as one-half of the needles ~ above white pines might drop in beforehand fall. Seasonal needle lose is much less noticeable on spruces, firs and also other pines, as they retain a greater percentage of your needles. Seasonal needle drop is uniformly dispersed throughout the inner component of the evergreen. The oldest needles room shed. The needles rotate uniformly yellow or brown and also drop come the ground.


I planted numerous pine tree this spring. Exactly how long should I proceed to water the trees?

The roots of trees proceed to flourish until the floor freezes. If the weather is dry, continue to water the recently planted trees until the soil freezes in winter.

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How carry out I protect against rabbits from looking on my little evergreens in winter?

The most effective means to protect against rabbit damages to trees and shrubs in the house landscape is to location chicken wire fencing or hardware cloth around vulnerable plants. To adequately safeguard plants, the fencing material needs to be high enough that rabbit won’t be able to climb or reach end the fence after ~ a heavy snow.

In most cases, a fence the stands 24 to 36 inches tall must be sufficient. To protect against rabbits native crawling underneath the fencing, bury the bottom 2 to 3 inches listed below the soil or pin the fencing to the soil v u-shaped anchor pins. It’s finest to have actually the protective products in location by beforehand to mid-November. ~ a hefty snow, check protected tree to make sure rabbits aren’t able to reach or rise over the fencing. If necessary, remove some of the snow to save rabbits from getting to the tree or shrubs.