Thanks come folks favor Curious George, we"re all prone to believe that monkeys" favorite food in the entire civilization is bananas. Ns mean, even Ben & Jerry"s come up with the surname of "Chunky Monkey" for your nutty banana flavor due to the fact that they assumed chimpanzees were fans of the fruit, right? however that begs the question: Do chimpanzees eat bananas? Or is this simply a lie us all think to it is in fact?

The minute of Truth

Turns out, monkeys actually carry out not eat bananas, as we understand them, at least. According to Dr. Katharine Milton, a professor the physical sociology at UC Berkeley who has actually spent decades studying just how primates eat, it"s a "total fabrication." 

Actually, the edible banana that we all like to mix with peanut butter is a grew domestic plant that chimpanzees would never even encounter in the wild unless they"re around human habitations where bananas have actually been planted.

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Bananas Are prefer Candy for Monkeys

Apparently, bananas are choose a highly-coveted treat for our monkey friends, comparable to youngsters craving a slice of coco cake (aka my sister). Primates do actually eat fruits similar to the bananas us know and love, but they"re quite different than the grocery store-kind built for humans to consume. Wild bananas save a many of tough seeds and tiny fruit one could actually eat. 

Unfortunately, bananas native the neighborhood Trader Joe"s are just too sweet because that primates. Some zoos have even banned feeding monkeys bananas due to the fact that they have the right to cause damage come their teeth and lead come diabetes.

therefore What Do primates Eat in the Wild?

Generally, they do eat fruits, like figs, but also seeds, leaves, flowers, insects, and also nuts. Gelada monkeys prefer to munch top top grass and baboons even eat meat when they capture it such as young antelope, rabbits, and birds prefer guinea fowl. Personally, I"d choose bananas.

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and What around at the Zoo?

When given a selection for your diets, monkeys will absolutely choose bananas as a snack, but only second to grapes. Lately though, zoos prefer Paignton Zoo in Devon, U.K. Have actually started come ween chimpanzees off your banana affinity to rather incorporate much more leafy greens and vegetables into their diets. Promoted by the europe Association of Zoos and Aquaria, these vegetables are just as nutritious together the fruit chimpanzees consume in the wild and also are lot healthier options for your diets.

The trouble is, chimpanzees aren"t offered to or built for the sugar levels discovered in bananas that people need come go around their days. Yet that doesn"t mean our bananas are any type of less satisfying, if not more so — monkeys "relish" eating them as soon as they"re exposed to them. So, do chimpanzees actually eat bananas? Yes, together a law in zoos. Yet in the wild, castle eat a variation far from the likes of those you"d uncover at her local totality Foods.