Hate your hips? Whether they are too flabby, too bony, as well narrow, as well wide or otherwise unpleasant to your eyes, chances are, the majority of guys discover them attractive.

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Women waste an immeasurable amount of time feeling uncomfortable and also dissatisfied through their appearance, obsessing over body parts that men discover attrenergetic in any type of variety of shapes and sizes.

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We asked some of our the majority of trusted beer-selection.com Experts which attributes they regularly hear men say they love in a womale but that womales themselves think of as flaws.

Here are 16 parts on a woman"s body woguys frequently hate yet that males say they love (to aid you love yourself also more).

According to psychotherapist Dr. Erica Goodstone:

1. Your feet

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If you hum the song "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" as soon as you look in the mirror, don"t stress. When he"s nibbling on your ears, he"s not making use of a measuring tape to decide on the form of your lobes.

Men love to nibble, so, take off the astronomical hoops as soon as you get residence and provide him some space for some earlobe TLC.

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12. Your breasts

While flat-chested womales think guys won"t desire to date them, those that are top-hefty are saving up their money for breast reduction surgical procedure. At the same time, at the finish of the day, males love confident women, regardless of breast size.

Go ahead and wear a push-up bra or a full-support bra to make you feel more comfortable. Wear sexy lingerie to bed, but take a pass on surgical treatment. He"ll have fun fondling your breasts, no matter what dimension they are.

According to Katherine Forsythe, MSW:

13. Your vulva

Speak the surgery to make the lips symmetrical! Men don"t care and also do not alert.

This the majority of individual component of the female, the entire vulva location, is an elixir for males to beorganize.

14. Your cellulite

Men might not love cellulite, but they do not hate it prefer womales execute. What turns guys on is the entirety female body. They tell me woguys are too hung up on components.

One womale was so obsessed about her cellulite-laden butt that she backed away from her lover as she stood up after sex. Finally, she sassist, "OK, I have cellulite in my butt!" He sassist, "What"s cellulite?"

I remainder my case.

15. Your significant thighs

In primitive times, massive thighs in women expected stamina, stamina and the capacity to protect kids. While that"s not a lot comfort in today"s sculpted body society, it"s still a turn-on for many type of guys.

Some cultures revere women with bigger legs and also derriere. Consider Brazilian dancers and many type of Afrihave the right to tribal rituals.

Before you obtain all tied in knots over your massive thighs, ask yourself, "Whose worry is this?" It"s yours, not his.

16. Your fat belly

Sneak a peek at belly dancers and the Venus de Milo. Bellies? Yes. Large ones. Yes. Yet, they"re 2 sex signs that have lasted millennia.

Aacquire, it"s the attitude, not the tiny tummy. Men tell me that relaxing their head (either one) on the belly cushion is warm. Try adjusting your mindset prior to you start the latest diet fad.

And if you"re considering a tummy tuck or liposuction, be sure it"s your tummy that demands the procedure, not your brain.

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