If you have a Germale Shepherd and are considering acquiring another dog, it’s important to pick a breed that’s compatible. All dogs have different individualities and also some will suit partnering up through a Gerguy Shepherd more than others. This breed compatibility overview for Gerguy Shepherds will certainly have whatever you should recognize. But for those in a rush…

The peak 10 breeds that obtain along well with a Gerguy Shepherd:

Border CollieLabradorAustralian ShepherdGolden RetrieverSiberian HuskyDalmatianPortuguese Water DogStandard PoodleBeagleAnother Germale Shepherd!

Each breed will certainly be defined in detail simply below!

Table of Contents

Key Points About a Gerguy Shepherd’s Character

Before we compare breeds, it’s vital to understand also the vital qualities of Gerguy Shepherds.

I should mention that each Germale Shepherd will certainly have their very own distinctive personality and attitude, yet for the mast part, the traits we are looking at are extremely widespread.

1. German Shepherds are functioning dogs

You can argue that Gerguy Shepherds are the world’s finest working dogs. They are extremely flexible, intelligent, trainable and they are eager to follow regulates. Their desire to obey regulates and satisfy a role is standard to their wellness and also happiness. They have to typically partake in training exercises and also need A LOT of psychological stimulation to keep their clever minds ticking over. Tright here are other breeds that are the complete oppowebsite of this. Some breeds choose Bassett hounds or English bulldogs, for instance, would certainly fairly lay down and also overlook you (all day). A “lazy” breed wouldn’t precisely get in the way of your Gerguy Shepherd, however it’s not most likely to boost his life in any means. Your Germale Shepherd would grow having an additional buddy that enjoys being energetic adhering to regulates just prefer they are. So that’s somepoint crucial to take into consideration.

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2. Activity Levels

Germale shepherds require many exercise. It’s recommended that GSD’s gain at least 2 hrs of intensive exercise per day. Fortunately, once it pertains to exercise, Gerguy Shepherds almost top the charts, so tbelow aren’t many kind of various other breeds that will need more exercise than a GSD.Tbelow are many type of breeds that call for hardly any exercise at all, and some will even outappropriate refuse it! It won’t be a good enhance up having a Cexactly how Chow who doesn’t want to leave the couch through a Germale Shepherd that wants to run to the moon and back.

3. Rough Play

This deserve to differ and also not all German shepherds will certainly play turbulent, yet it still requirements to be taken into consideration. For the a lot of component, young and also middle-aged GSD’s will certainly like to engage in some level of stormy play.German shepherds deserve to play at a pace that many various other breeds can’t manage. And while it’s all just “fun and games” it might actually be a nightmare for one more dog that can’t physically organize their own, or just doesn’t prefer to play unstable.For the wrong breed, this is a recipe for consistent fighting which could even be dangerous, not to mention a miserable connection.

4. Some GSD’s Have a Strong Prey Drive

Although Gerguy Shepherds carry out not have as huge a prey drive as some other breeds, it’s still vital to remember. Some GSD’s will have actually a stronger prey drive than others, and this deserve to impact their behavior and tendencies towards other pets.Prey drive doesn’t instantly mean you’ve gained a killer dog and that’s an unfortunate misconception many type of owners confront every day. BUT having actually said that, if you are conscious that your GSD does chase after cats, rabbits, and also other little pets you perform need to take into consideration whether obtaining a small or miniature breed is correct.With the correct training, almost anything is achievable, but it is not fair to get a small or miniature breed dog without seriously reasoning about the prey drive of your existing dog. Of course, huge and also tiny dogs have the right to work, however this is somepoint you need to think around closely.

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Top 10 Compatible Breeds For a Germale Shepherd


Let’s cover the optimal 10 breeds that get along well via German Shepherds. The complying with breeds enhance many of the behavior traits and also characteristics that Gerguy Shepherds have actually. For each of the breeds on the list, I’m going to incorporate a brief explacountry of why they are a good fit for a German Shepherd.

1. Border Collie

If there’s one breed that’s smarter than a German Shepherd, it’s the Border Collie. But apart from their outstanding intelligence, they have a lot in widespread with Gerguy Shepherds.Border collies are high-power, energetic dogs that desire to satisfy roles within the load and to follow orders, a lot like Gerguy Shepherds. Aside from their working similarities, they are also exceptionally loyal, affectionate, and also make great household dogs. Perhaps the only location wbelow border collies are dissimilar to GSD’s is their capcapacity to perform guard dog duties. They make good watchdogs, yet that’s around it. All in all, Border Collies are one of the many recommended companion breeds for German shepherds.

2. Labrador

Labradors are all-round winners and also your Germale shepherd will think the exact same two. Labradors get on via almost all dogs, and Gerguy shepherds seem to pick them out at the play parks to connect with.Labradors are a little physically smaller sized, yet not by a lot. Meaning they will be able to keep their own as soon as engaging in a small stormy play, which they do reap. They have the right to be extremely active dogs if that’s the way of life readily available to them, and they will most likely be your Gerguy shepherd’s appropriate exercise partner. Labs are loving, affectionate, and also very obedient when trained. These two breeds typically constantly get along well.

3. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are one more excellent enhance for German Shepherds. Aussies have incredibly comparable characters to GSD’s in that they love to occupational, exercise, play stormy, and follow regulates.Aussies are thriving in popularity and are ending up being a normal household breed. They’re loving, affectionate, incredibly smart, and make excellent pets. Aussies are smart and will learn simply as conveniently as a Germale Shepherd, as lengthy as training is provided. Aussies are known for nipping though (coming from their herding background) so this is somepoint to consider.Aussies don’t make good guard dogs, yet other than that, they’re incredibly similar to Gerguy Shepherds.

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4. Golden Retriever

German Shepherds and also Golden Retrievers are constantly battling in between 2nd and 3rd location for America’s the majority of renowned dog breed, eincredibly single year.The retriever / GSD combicountry is already well established and also they have actually been making great companion breeds for each other for an extremely long time.Retrievers are big, friendly, trainable, LOVE to play, and also need most exercise. The perfect companion for a lot of Gerguy Shepherds. A retriever before has a bigger desire to appease their owners than a Gerguy Shepherd, and also they regularly attempt to steal the attention and spotlight. But acomponent from that, these two breeds make an awesome pair.

5. Siberian Huskies

This one stands out from the list. And you may have actually even increased your eyebrows…Huskies are extremely different from German Shepherds, in many type of means. Regardless of needing most everyday exercise choose GSD’s, they are quite stubborn, tough to train and also they’re not as intelligent as your GSD. Huskies are recognized for being incredibly “cheeky” and cunning, and also without strong self-control will certainly misbehave actually and reason your GSD to misbehave actually via them.So you’re more than likely reasoning why on earth are they on this list? Well, despite every one of that, they actually acquire along really well. Huskies regularly seek out Gerguy Shepherds to play with at the play parks, and their size, power, desire to play (and also play rough) are all matched. If you’ve ever thought about acquiring a huskies, as long as you’re prepared for a lot of work, these 2 breeds will likely gain alengthy exceptionally well.Contrary to popular idea, Siberian huskies make destructive guard dogs and they are normally incredibly friendly and also sociable. They make awesome family members pets through sufficient training and also exercise.

6. Dalmatian

If your GSD is especially chilled out and enjoys his quiet time, then a Dalmatian may not be a good match… Dalmatians are among the incredibly few breeds that need the same and in some instances even MORE exercise than a German Shepherd. Dals are super high energy and will certainly suit your GSD if he has actually a strong desire to play.The Dalmatian is a little more stubborn than your GSD and will certainly most likely be a tiny harder to train, yet not by much. The great actions your GSD has will likely pass on to a Dalmatian without any type of issues. Dalmatians make excellent family members pets and are extremely loving and friendly. And paired up with your German Shepherd will certainly store your household very secure.

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7. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs are massive, smart, love their exercise, playtime, and also their downtime. So ideal off the bat, these water dogs are a good fit for many German Shepherds. Portuguese water dogs are exceptionally sociable and also love to have actually humale agency and canine firm.They are extremely intelligent and also require the majority of mental stimulation, so it’s important to communicate in constant training and interesting games. This is somepoint you’re most likely already doing for your GSD, so that works out simply fine.If you’re in search of a second dog that won’t drop as a lot hair as your GSD then it’s one more great reason to opt for a PWD. In spite of having thick curls, this breeds seldom sheds and also needs minimal grooming.

8. Standard Poodle

Poodles are substantial, energetic dogs that love their exercise and also aren’t afrassist to play a little turbulent. A poodle will absolutely have the ability to keep their very own against any rough-housing offered from your GSD.In spite of being extremely intelligent and easy to train, poodles are known for having a mischievous streak in them so this have to be managed.Poodles are loving, loyal, and make great family members pets simply favor GSD’s carry out. As lengthy as you favor to store on top of training and exercise, a standard poodle will certainly be a great fit.

9. Beagles

Time for a smaller breed! Over the years of speaking to many kind of GSD owners and also even stumbling right into beagles myself with my GSD, beagles enhance up well with many type of Gerguy Shepherds.Beagles are a good family dog and also various other than being a tiny difficult to train, are an all-approximately safe option. Beagles often require a lot even more exercise than civilization realize, so this matches up perfectly with what you are currently giving to your GSD. As lengthy as you are prepared to implement a strong training regime, a beagle will certainly most likely be a good fit for your GSD. But it’s necessary to think about the character of your GSD first and also whether or not he shows signs of gaining along with other smaller sized breeds (at the play park or as soon as crossing paths)

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10. Another Gerguy Shepherd

If you’re considering obtaining a 2nd German Shepherd, your current GSD won’t mind!It’s yet to be prrange if dogs acknowledge their very own breed, but that doesn’t issue. As their characters and temperaments often enhance up, they commonly make excellent pairs. A ascendancy of thumb is that it’s frequently safer to gain the oppowebsite sex as you’re less likely to have to deal with territorial and or dominance worries. Although it can still occur. Dogs of the opposite sex will frequently obtain alengthy better with each various other.

The Many Important Thing to Think About: What’s Your GSD Like?

All Germale Shepherds are different; power levels and also desire to play have the right to fluctuate greatly amongst GSD’s so it’s important to consider this prior to settling on a breed.If your German Shepherd has actually never been an energetic, rough-real estate bevery one of power, it’s not advised to get a second dog that is. This would be unfair on your GSD and he won’t want to put up via the brand-new dog’s craziness.

Top Tip: If you don’t already have actually an insight right into which breeds your GSD prefers, it would certainly be a good idea to begin visiting doggy play parks or doggy day centers. You’ll watch which breeds your GSD normally gravitates in the direction of, and also you’ll soon have your answer.

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What Personalities Best Suit a German Shepherd

Tbelow are many kind of even more breeds that suit Gerguy Shepherds aside from the list over. Any breed that has actually the following characters will most likely get alengthy well through your GSD. But please understand also, all dogs are individual and also as I stated previously, also GSDs can adjust substantially from one another.

The ideal companion breeds for German Shepherds will certainly have the following personality traits:

Desire to be worked, have actually a “job” to fulfillEnjoys occasional stormy playNaturally socialAffectionateHighly intelligentPreferably naturally obedientRequires medium to high exerciseNot territorial

Breeds that screen many of the above attributes will certainly likely acquire on well through a Germale Shepherd.

Do Gerguy Shepherds Get Along Well With Small Breeds?

A very well-known question is whether or not Gerguy Shepherds acquire in addition to little bit dogs. The answer is both yes and no.As long as your Germale Shepherd doesn’t have a propensity to chase smaller breeds and pets, then tright here is no factor why your GSD can’t gain together with a smaller breed. The prey drive in a German Shepherd varies, and it would certainly not be a wise concept to get a little or miniature breed if you’re mindful that your GSD has actually a thing for cats, rabbits, or any kind of small creatures you come throughout in the time of walks.

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The risk is simply as well excellent and it’s not advised.The other point to note is that some little breeds are actually also hyper for a Gerguy Shepherd. GSD’s love to play, however the majority of of them also choose to chill out and lounge roughly, at leastern for some part of the day. Some tiny breeds like Jack Rusoffer and also Foxhound Terriers are constantly buzzing approximately and also this might not work well for an extra peaceful Germale Shepherd.So, yes, tiny breeds have the right to work-related, yet it’s simply a matter of their temperament corresponding up effectively. It helps to be physically similar, yet it’s not necessary and also there are countless examples of German Shepherds living harmoniously via little dogs.

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Last Thoughts

Getting a second dog is a large decision and it’s one you have to think around carefully. Choosing a breed that matches very closely via the personality of your Gerguy Shepherd is the a lot of essential point to think about. The best way to uncover out which breeds your Germale Shepherd likes, before making a decision is to visit doggy playgroups or start going to the park more. Observe your GSD for one more month or two approximately many different breeds and also you will certainly easily check out a pattern emerge. You might really want a Labrador, however if you watch your GSD constantly shy away or disregard them, he’s trying to tell you something!