The residential cat has long been among the most usual furry companions found in households across the unified States.

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However, the wasn’t until the 1990s that the moustache Dragon (or Beardie) was introduced as a companion throughout homes.


Today, the increase of the Beardie pet continues to rise rapidly together this small lizard is now seen as more than just one more exotic pet.

It should thus come as no surprised that the residential cat and the mustache dragon will certainly cross paths and be presented to one another. This brings united state to the question, “can cats and bearded dragon be friends?


Here us will describe the commonalties, differences and steps on exactly how to introduce and ensure your 2 well-loved pets may harmoniously co-exist.

Commonalities in between the bearded Dragon and also the Cat

They are Both Friendly

The moustache dragon is amongst one the the friendlier reptiles. They room not known to present aggression or display an adverse behaviors such as biting. This provides them a an excellent beginners reptile; as they room easy-going and even tempered.


The cat is also super friendly in the direction of their owners. Although, a concealed agenda the food lust might be in ~ play.

Overall, both this companions deserve to be friendly once raised and also socialized properly.

They can Both be Affectionate

They are well-known to build a near bond through their owners. Part bearded dragon may even react positively to being picked up and will happily engage in cuddling situations. Favorite spots include your neck or chest. Together a cold blooded animal, this helps them store warm.


The domestic cat is certainly known to be friendly, and also often sit wherever and also whenever castle like. May that it is in by her side, in her bed, or on her lap.

Both this pets deserve to be affectionate as soon as they gain trust and form a bond v their owners and families.

They can Both be Tolerant of other Animals

The bearded dragon deserve to be explained as a placid animal; and they are known to gain along well through other pets in the household.


The cat is sassier 보다 placid. They may show an mindset towards new friends. Still, they learn to show tolerance. Because that example: growing tolerance towards a brand-new and overly excited puppy. The cat might not love the drooling puppy yet over time they learn to accept this new member and be tolerant that them.

Differences in between the mustache Dragon and also the Cat

Differences In Communication

As a different species, their social cues might differ.

The residential cat is not verbal and instead they usage social cues to access a new being. Because that example, sniffing the head and/or behind area the a brand-new animal.


The bearded dragon is no verbal either. They regularly use forms of body language come socialize. For example, they may wave their arms promptly as a familiar “hi!” – the feline might take this rapid motion as a authorize to play so it’s vital to it is in careful.

Prey vs. Predator

The residential cat may originally portray the moustache dragon together a brand-new and unusual prey. This is because of their little size. However, some cats tend to have a greater play or food drive than others.


The cat has strong predator instincts. These instincts can not be fully erased however; they may be controlled.

The mustache dragon is not known to be intimidated through larger pets such together dogs or cats.

Differences In Habitat Requirements

The cat doesn’t require committed requirements in the household.

However, the mustache dragon needs everything reptiles usually require such as: UV light, heat, and moisture. As a little pet reptile, they need a tank i m sorry safely provides every one of these necessities.


Their differences in habitat requirements may act as a for sure zone because that the moustache dragon when you space not home. Not only does their habitat carry out them with their life essentials, but it also provides them v a location of solitude far from other pets.

So, deserve to They it is in Friends?

Yes, we think that the moustache dragon is able come befriend the domestic cat. However, meeting and also greeting have to be pre-planned and these two must not it is in left to your own gadgets straight away.

Here room a couple of steps to help guide you through introductions:

Step 1: uncover a trustworthy breeder

Be certain to discover a reputable and responsible breeder as soon as purchasing her bearded dragon. A great breeder will certainly ensure the your mustache dragon is handled and treated right. Abused animals may be prone to fearful or wild behaviors.

Step 2: Ensure you have manage over both animals simultaneously

We recommend this together a two-person job. One human being having regulate of the Beardie and the various other having regulate over the cat. Be wary of your animal’s behaviors and also social cues roughly one another. Watch out for indications of aggression during interactions. Maintaining an eye on your animals allows you to react easily to any type of unexpected wild tendencies or instinctual behaviors.

Step 3: be patient

Take introductions and meetings slow so they are able come familiarize themselves v one another. That takes time! Both your bearded dragon and also cat call for time to number out if the various other is a “friend” or “foe”. Allow them both feeling comfortable and learn to expropriate one another. Enable your pets to sniff and also investigate the other. Adjustment durations are normal through all pets.

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Step 4: Supervise their time together

Even once you are confident with your bearded dragon and your cat together; us recommend supervision at every times. The unforeseen may occur when you the very least expect it and it is definitely far better to be safe than sorry.



Overall, with ideal introductions and socialization from a young age and over time; the two may gain along famously and also may even come to be best friends. The is not unheard of because that a moustache dragon and a cat come accept, cuddle, and even play with one another. Remember, every animal’s personality and temperament differs!

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