When deciding top top a brand-new tattoo, that not only the style that matters, but, what arguably may be much more important, is the location of the tattoo. One placement that has actually been obtaining in popularity end the years – especially for mini tattoos – is behind the ear.

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Where you decision to get inked dram a big role in what friend can gain inked – a small, minimalist tattoo might look the end of location on a huge surface area choose your thigh, conversely, a highly detailed, reality portrait would certainly be a an obstacle on among your fingers.

Flower Ear Tattoo

With behind the ear tattoos, mini tattoos are regularly the method to go.

Celebrities through Mini Behind The Ear Tattoos

Many celebrities have gained onto the mini tattoo bandwagon, especially with placing lock behind the ear.

Signer Ariana Grande has a couple of design behind her ear – one being a lightning bolt behind her best ear, and also a bumblebee behind she left together a tribute to the victim of the terrorist strike that emerged at a concert of hers in Manchester, UK.

Ariana Grande Ear Tattoo

Another signer with tatts behind her ear is Kelly Clarkson – she has actually both a snowflake and a crescent moon.

Ireland Baldwin payment tribute to she star sign – Scorpio – through a tiny tattoo that a scorpion behind she left ear.

Simple tattoos look exceptional behind the ear, as you deserve to see indigenous the cursive uppercase “A” singer, Adele, has actually which is believed to it is in in respect of her son, Angelo.

Justin Bieber Ear Tattoo

This is no a placement that is simply popular amongst women – Justin Bieber has a treble clef tucked behind one of his ears.

Here’s what you need to know about getting inked behind her ear:

It Is On your Skull, So that Will more than likely Hurt

When it comes to the scale of tattoo pain, in most cases getting inked ~ above skin the is close to the bone is much more painful than getting inked ~ above a spot through a bit of fat and muscle in in between the bone and also the needle.

This is due to the fact that the muscle and also fat deserve to absorb several of the shock.

Getting tattooed behind the ear isn’t simply jarring since of the proximity of the tattoo needle come the skull, but also because the the sound.

Semi Colon Ear Tattoo

“The vibration native the tattoo gun is what does it for many people. The vibrating pain results from the tattoo needles going over the mastoid bone that sits behind the ear. Minimal flesh provides the sensation particularly noticeable. The sound of the tattoo gun buzzing right close to the ear and the abundance of sensory nerves in and around the ears also lend come the less-than-pleasant experience,”


It go on come say the what have the right to make the pains worse is the emotionally state of the tattooee.

Prepare For your Appointment

You’re analysis this blog, so that’s a great step!

Just walking right into a tattoo studio without preparing you yourself can result in one appointment that doesn’t walk super well.

Black Flower Tattoo

In fact, over there is study that reflects that an unfavorable emotions – such as anxiety, anger, and depression – deserve to make you feel much more pain, whereas confident emotions deserve to decrease the perceived pain.

There are multiple means to obtain ready for your tattoo appointment, among the finest ways gift a an excellent night’s sleep. Not just will this average you’re well-rested for her appointment, however sleep deserve to also assist you alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Elephant Ear Tattoo

Sleep structure explains the sleep deprivation can worsen anxiety. But, exactly how are you intended to autumn asleep when you’re currently anxious?

“Both your sleep habits and also environment are part ofsleep hygiene. Procedures to boost sleep hygiene include making your bed more comfortable, eliminating sources of sleep disruption like light and also noise, and also avoidingcaffeineandalcoholin the afternoon and evening,”

Sleep Foundation

Another reason to protect against alcohol before your tattoo appointment is because it thins her blood. Too lot blood can obscure the tattooer’s vision and also can have actually a an adverse impact top top the ink.

One thing you don’t want for any tattoo, however especially mini tattoos made up of good lines, is anything that distracts the artist.

Moon Ear Tattoo

Fine Lines and also Shaved Heads

Mistakes occur – but, they’re an ext likely to happen with fine heat tattoos. This is because a thinner needle through a small bit of octopus is way less forgiving 보다 a traditional large tattoo with thicker lines. A slim bump have the right to be clearly shows in fine lines.

Also, these breakable tattoos do have actually a tendency to fade and become blurry faster than traditional tattoos.

Snake Ear Tattoo

Tattoo artist,Michaelle Fiore, defined to Bustle,

“These tattoos will certainly either bleed spread out overtime, like your typical tattoo, or will fall out in places and also not look together legible as when an initial done.”

To assist mitigate this as lot as possible, perform your research and also go come a tattooer who is well versed in fine heat tattoos. Always check the end portfolios!

Snake Ear Tattoo

Another facet of behind the ear tattoos the you might need to prepare because that is cut a little of your head. That course, this relies on the design and size of her tattoo. Chat to your chosen artist in ~ length around your choice of tattoo – lock will have the ability to tell you what will work, or if they’re going to have to take a chunk out of her hair.

Behind The Ear Tattoos space Perfect for Those Wanting A Discreet Inking

There is so much to take into account before you gain a tattoo, together as exactly how easy it will be come hide your brand-new ink.

If you have actually a job that doesn’t condone clearly shows tattoos, or you desire to hide your body arts from your household easily, then full sleeves or hand tattoos are most likely off of the table.

Rose Ear Tattoo

Mini behind the ear tattoos space discreet and straightforward to hide if you have long hair – you simply wear her hair down and also the tattoo will certainly be spanned up.

There is another method to hide tattoos: makeup. There room a organize of concealers and foundations that have the right to make your skin look favor it has never viewed a tattoo machine. Obviously, you deserve to use makeup to sheathe up any kind of size of tattoo, but small tattoos space the simplest.

So, if she someone that will should cover up your tattoo often, a tiny tattoo can be the way to go. Elle has actually a list of the best concealers and foundations that can cover the most elaborate of body art.

Pink Roses Tattoo

Also, because the surface area behind your ear is small, you most likely won’t desire to add onto the architecture later under the road. In this case, girlfriend won’t need to worry around the architecture blocking something brand-new that you desire to get inked, such together if you were to gain a little tattoo on her arm when you desire a sleeve later on.

It Is basic To Forget About

As her tattoo is tucked away behind your ear, the really simple to forget around it – you never ever see it, after all.

This deserve to be a bit troubling as soon as it comes to looking after your tattoo.

Wine Tattoo

If you desire your tattoo to stay crisp, you’ve obtained to take care of the by protecting it from the sun.

“UV rays from the sunlight will fade her tattoos if exposed to a many of direct sunlight. As soon as you leave her ink out in the sun, those UV beam are absorbed and basically break up the pigment in your design,”


Fine line tattoos currently have a propensity to fade without including the sun’s rays right into the mix, therefore remembering you have actually a tattoo behind your ear and putting top top sunscreen is crucial for a tattoo that stands the test of time and UV rays.

It’s not only fine present that have actually a tendency to fade quicker than timeless tattoos, but color tattoos likewise have a difficult time maintaining their vibrancy.

“Light colour inks look nice and vibrant. As soon as paired with darker color ink, the adds an interval or to mark to the design. Generally, it’swhite inkthat fades the fastest. Next, comes yellow, light green, pink, and comparable light colours,”

Tattoo Moisturiser
Mandala Ear Tattoo

However, one element of put a tattoo behind her ear is the this part of the body doesn’t yes, really rub versus anything, which makes it a good spot because that ink. Locations of the body that acquire a many friction and sweat have tendency to an outcome in tattoos the fade faster.

Behind The Ear Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Another time it’s crucial to psychic you have actually a behind the ear tattoo is when it comes to the healing process.

Prayer Ear Tattoo

While the moment it takes for a tattoo come heal totally differs from human being to person, it commonly takes around two to 4 weeks prior to you can stop offering it a ton of aftercare attention.

Authority Tattoo breaks up the healing stages into three parts: the oozing, swelling, and also redness stage; the itching and also flaking stage; and the last stage where the tattoo might look totally healed, yet the deeper class of skin room still liven repairing.

Horses Ear Tattoo

When stage one kicks in after you leave the tattoo studio, girlfriend basically have actually an open wound the is at risk to infections. So, it’s essential to store the area of your new tattoo clean through washing it with gentle soap and keeping it well moisturized.

“To carry out this, use heat water and sensitive fragrance-free soap. Use it utilizing circular motions with your clean fingers. Constantly ensure the water isn’t too warm as this could reason further damage to the wound,”

Authority Tattoo
Floral Ear Tattoo

For a list of some of the best tattoo aftercare products recommended by experts, click below for Allure’s list.

During the first two stages when your tattoo is busy scabbing up and also then flaking off, you’ve obtained to be extra mindful when washing her hair. Girlfriend don’t want shampoo getting into your open up wound.

Also, it might be best to prevent curling and also straightening irons while your tattoo is heal – one wrong move and a burn from a hot hair styling implement might seriously damages your new ink.

Worded Ear Tattoo

How execute you recognize when your tattoo is fully healed? Tattooholic claims to look the end for when your tattoo stops peeling,

“If your tattoo has actually stopped peeling, consisting of the thin white piece of skin choose a sunburn climate it’s probably healed. The shedding procedure removes the last of the damaged skin indigenous the tattoo process and seals the ink under the brand-new epidermis so the it continues to be permanent. This also applies to scabbing. Any kind of scabs on top of the skin that continue to be are a authorize that her tattoo isn’t healed yet.”

Behind The Ear Tattoo Ideas

When it involves designs that occupational well put behind the ear, it’s largely mini tattoos. Little symbols that specify an aspect of her personality or endure is an amazing way to go v this placement.

Sun authorize or moon sign symbols can be the perfect selection for you if girlfriend feel connected to her zodiac. You can go the flower path – every zodiac sign has actually a specific flower connected with it.

Zodiac Ear Tattoo

Certain animals and insects have the right to work well as mini tattoos, such as butterflies and dragonflies.

“Butterflies are associated with transformation, growth, and change, and also freedom,”

The trend Spotter

This is the exact same for dragonflies, as they likewise go through stages to end up being the colorful insect that we see.

Simple images such as a crescent moon, an anchor, or a star deserve to be an impactful, however delicate, body art enhancement behind the ear.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you choose a style you love, and also one the you deserve to see yourself loving throughout the years.

Butterfly Ear Tattoo

With this in mind, don’t acquire swayed by tattoo trends. Carry out your research and also figure out what you important like.

If you desire a mini tattoo to include to your collection of human body art, or you desire an easy-to-hide inking, climate behind your ear is a good placement to consider.

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