You ever before walk into your room, and your bearded dragon simply runs to the glass to view you? Is that a coincidence, or is over there something more behind this action? This post will take it a close look at at even if it is or no bearded dragons understand who is taking care of them,

Do mustache dragons identify their owners? Yes, bearded dragons carry out recognize and react to your owner’s voice. They also like to it is in touched. Most often, beardies are recognized for being calm in demeanor and also don’t mind being handled once done for this reason correctly. Plenty of owners report your beardies mirroring recognition once they speak or go into the room.

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Now you understand that bearded dragon do, in fact, identify their owners. It is truly a wonderful thing, and also to learn an ext about exactly how you can develop a an excellent bond through your mustache dragon, store on reading. He will be greeting you prior to you understand it!

Signs your Beardie recognizes You

Here are some indicators your dragon has gotten to understand you, and that they identify you.

The mustache dragon rushes end to the glass come greet you as soon as you go into the room.The moustache dragon turns his head in her direction when you begin talking.The mustache dragon does not shy away from you as soon as you reach her hand into the habitat for holding or feeding.

If one or every one of these things space happening in between you and your mustache dragon, this is a great sign that he or she feel a great bond v you and also recognizes you together a non-threat.

Don’t despair if this isn’t happening for you and your dragon, though. Remember, all bearded dragons space different. We will go over some methods now in i m sorry you can bond v your beardie.

Method 1: have Patience

When girlfriend are brand-new at institution or a brand-new job or discovering a new skill, you choose it as soon as your teacher, boss, or girlfriend is patient with you. After ~ all, newbies do mistakes, and also that is to it is in expected.

Your dragon wants the same from you. Mustache dragons space not choose some various other animals, favor dogs, who have the right to instantly end up being friends through their owners. They need your patience and also cooperation simply as you suppose when finding out something new.

Thus, once you are an initial learning exactly how to manage your moustache dragon, and feed them, and also clean their habitat – provide them part time. Her hands room a foreign object to them, and also learning they are not a threat have the right to take a while.

So, just take that slow. Offer up tiny treats once you come close to the habitat. Mine beardie enjoys the sometimes blueberry, and also I like giving them to her due to the fact that they room small, compact treats ns can quickly dole the end on occasion.

She looks front to seeing me due to the fact that sometimes she gets a juicy berry. Other times I speak to her together I clean the habitat. Treats are an excellent because they gain your dragon to associate fun through seeing you. (Make sure to save fruits to a minimum, though!)


Method 2: it is in There because that Them

When somebody is there for you consistently, and also you watch them every day, friend mostly come to recognize castle as someone you have the right to trust and also rely on.

It’s why us feel comfortable once we see our partners, friends, moms, dads, and others.

Your mustache dragon feel the same method about friend also. Having actually a constant presence and also being somebody that is always friendly and respectful to the bearded dragon, lock will acquire used come you and see you as someone they have the right to trust.

You could have to acquire a little silly v this: Talk and also sing or show funny videos to her dragon. Basically, treat them together a friend.

Tell them around what occurred at college or around how you will be cleaning your cage in a couple of moments. Present them a meme. I recognize it sounds cheesy, however they WILL get to understand you!

Method 3: take it It slow with Handling

Sure her dragon is cute, and also you want to reach appropriate in and scoop castle up best away. However, you have to make certain you room going at your pace, no yours!

Start by relocating your hand into the enclosure nice and slow. Make sure the beardie is not afraid of your hands. It takes time to complete since you desire to provide them time to readjust to your hands, to realize they are no threat.

You just want come make sure you space not overloading her bearded dragon with too lot stimuli.

After her dragon concerns see you as a non-threat, just host them for a couple of moments. Ten minute is fine. Gently collection them back into the enclosure.

The following day, try 15 minutes. Then occupational to 20. Occupational your means up come a half-hour. Make sure you keep them near so the they deserve to stay warm.

Method 4: Be understanding When her Dragon Is Aggressive

Sometimes we gain upset at the people we love, and also we yell in ~ them or snap in ~ them. We still love them, however we just reacted to the situation.

Your bearded dragon does the same thing. There will certainly be times once your dragon hisses, puffs, has a black beard, or tries to bite at your fingers.

But her goal is no to obtain discouraged. Her dragon doesn’t know they deserve to trust you just yet. Thus, it is a good idea to just be understanding and keep coming back to your dragon day after day, even if they gain a little upset at you at times. They’re simply learning to to trust you.

During this period, respect your dragon and talk to them together you calm them down. Tell them it is going to it is in OK. The works due to the fact that they gain to recognize your voice and also as somebody who will no fight them.

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Once they are calmed down, sell a tiny treat or food by hand. That will assist the dragon know you are friendly.