Anchorage is the biggest metropolitan area in Alaska. The serves as the hub because that all points Alaskan history, arts and also culture, out recreation, and even travel. The city’s populace nears 300,000 residents, making the the many densely lived in city in the state. Anchorage citizens are proud to call this city home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a getaway every as soon as in a while! us invite Anchorage residents to come visit us in Homer for a possibility to unplug, unwind, and also recharge. Anchorage to Homer is a relatively easy and also efficient route that is a beautiful drive with many things to view along the way. Take advantage of our open-book of travel tips v the info below. 

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Everything You should Know about the route From Anchorage to Homer 

gain a sneak peak into our an excellent views via our Homer Spit webcams to view Kachemak Bay and also Homer Harbor.

There have been minimal delays as result of road construction on the Sterling Highway. Ours guests have actually been report no delays together of late. Girlfriend can examine out the road alerts in ~ 511 Alaska.

Whether you drive or paris you will discover Homer to be worth the journey! we look forward to seeing you!

Would you Rather: Fly, Drive, or Shuttle? 

No issue what travel an approach you choose to get to Homer, you’ll still suffer 225 beautiful, scenic miles from Anchorage come Homer. If you select to drive and enjoy the four to five hours that designated scenic byway; friend will check out that that emulates a national park! making use of a car rental business is also a good way to go. 

Or, pick to fly! Homer is only 117 mile from Anchorage as the crow flies, and charter airline Bald mountain Air can gain you to your final destination in simply 50 minutes! This way, girlfriend can add almost a complete day to your pilgrimage by cutting ago on travel time. ~ above descent, look out your window for significant views the the Kachemak Bay! 

One newer way to travel from Anchorage to Homer is via shuttle service. Alaska Bus company can gain you native Anchorage come Homer in at some point for less than $100 per ticket! You can not beat the price, and also you’ll watch all the same scenic views you would certainly taking a car. That runs along Seward Highway and also passes through beautiful see of chef Inlet.

As the now, the bus holds 22 passengers and runs top top Mondays, Wednesdays, and also Fridays native June v September. Fun fact: the car runs on recycled vegetables oil! Feel great about your auto travel once you use this service! 

Stops along the Way

The see from a plane or the shuttle room great, but perhaps the finest thing around choosing to drive from Anchorage to Homer is the beautiful stops follow me the street! From wildlife conservation centers and also recreation areas to spots to stop for coffee, we recognize all the best stopovers. Check out our 8 favourite stops along Seward Highway as you arrangement your course from Anchorage come Homer!

Kenai River along Cooper Landing Area: Pullover alongside the Kenai flow to take in see of pristine, turquoise water. 

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Arrive at Driftwood Inn in Homer, Alaska 


After your path from Anchorage to Homer, you’ll most likely be prepared for a place to rest. Driftwood Inn is the perfect location to do just that! Travelers that visit v the intent to discover will reap guest rooms in our historic Inn. The inn is situated within walking street to shops and also restaurants in downtown Homer because that optimal convenience. 

Reserve Room 35 because that cozy accommodations and privacy. Room 35 features a king-size bed, microwave, mini-fridge, and also best of every air conditioning for those of friend who room not offered to the warm weather this summer. Friend can likewise enjoy walks on the beach, located close by, or sitting on our covered earlier deck to take in the views

Reserve your favorite Homer, AK, lodging choice to start your journey. Check out you soon!

Drive from Anchorage to Homer in 9 minute in this fun video:

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