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com ~ above any aid here im fixin to lose it!!!!!:cannon: :2guns: :ar15:
:rapid: not REALY however input would certainly be nice will this total take other mossburg 500 accessories?later cooter
I don"t recognize the prize (I"m not much of a mossberg guy...) however you might go to, look up the agency contact info, acquire their call number, and also call client service. They should have the ability to get girlfriend the answer girlfriend need.later,scruffy
There is no difference in between a Mossberg 500 and also 500A. Mossberg alters the names come "Keep that fresh" The 500, 500A, 600, 600A, 600AT, Persuader, Cruiser, 590, 590A1, and Maverick 88 all use the same alloy receiver. Differences in security location, finish, stocks and other cosmetics account because that the various names. I hope this helps.CaCrusin B)
Cacrusin, thanks alot for the info due to the fact that today ns looked at my moss 20 .ga and also it had model 5000 :huh: happy to fing the end there all the same.later,cooter
The a will certainly be a 12 gauge, the c will certainly be a 20 ga. I"m guessing there supplied to be a "b" in 16 ga. is also an "e" in .410 therefore I"m guessing there offered to it is in a "d" in 28 ga.There have been so numerous of these offered as brand-new Haven, Revelation, etc. It would be hard to guess how numerous roll marks you may run across. The main distinction I"ve noticed is the trigger assy ~ above the Maverick, solitary action eight on the larger pump handles and also spring loaded dual bars on the new ones, and also the length of pump handles, the metal component that holds the forearm. If friend are having actually a problem, short article it and I"ll try to get an answer, ns patch these guns up a lot.
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Hey folks, I have a thing for 16 gauges. I came across a 16 gauge Remington Wingmaster for sale privately.My concern is around mag extensions and their use on different gauges. As soon as I look online, they space all marked 12 gauge. I need a 16. And then ns came throughout this:which basically...

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Just perfect a 1925 vintage Winchester model 12 right into a riot gun. My donor had actually a busted stock and a polychoke for this reason no damage was excellent to a collectible. I cut and also faced the bbl to about 19 inches, replaced the stock and also refinished that to match the pump handle, mounted a bead and a lower and upper...