When you obtain your an initial hamster, numerous things space going with your mind. What color, what breed and what age. However, one more factor that you may think about is your hamster’s sex. This is what has actually led me to create this post asking if you should acquire a male or a mrs hamster. There space no ideal or not correct answers come this question! Male and also female hamsters have different traits and different points to take it into factor to consider at the time. This post will go with the different qualities of male and female hamsters and what you must know. Hope by the end of it, girlfriend will understand if you want a male or mrs hamster.

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Differences between male and also female hamstersShould you obtain a male or a mrs hamster?

Will you understand what sex mine hamster is when I purchase it?

You might want come ask the pet save what sex her hamster is prior to you purchase it. The pets shop will try their ideal to provide you an answer but you have the right to never it is in 100% particular about the sex of a hamster, especially if it is a young hamster. There have been many situations of world taking residence what they assumed were two exact same sex hamsters yet ending up v a pregnant hamster! If friend ask the pet store, castle will offer you their best guess yet you shouldn’t take this as gospel. Wikihow provides you a great guide if you desire to sex your hamster through yourself!

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Differences in between male and also female hamsters

The differences between male and also female hamsters actually counts on the breed of the hamster. Part breeds, such as Syrians, have actually differences between the two sex; whilst Chinese hamsters don’t have actually much difference at all. We will certainly divide this section into headings, therefore you deserve to see the differences for your preferred hamster breed!

Differences between Male and also Female Syrian hamsters

Syrian hamsters is normally where the biggest differences between male and female hamsters is found. Masculine hamsters seem to be much more relaxed whilst mrs hamsters may have a lot an ext character. Woman hamsters may also smell more due come going into heat. I have some personal experience ~ above this matter, as I have had actually a male and a female hamster. My existing male hamster, Richard, is a lot more relaxed 보다 my previous woman hamster. He has never bitten and is a many happier through being held. This is just an anecdote but it might reveal some differences between male and female Syrian hamsters!

Differences in between Male and Female Robo Hamsters

Unlike through Syrian hamsters, there is no much difference in attitude between male and also female Robo hamsters. They often tend to it is in the exact same level of relaxed and female hamsters i will not ~ be more hesitant or broody. Masculine robo hamsters are recognized to smell an ext than mrs Robo hamsters due to the scent gland on their belly.

Differences between Male and Female Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters, including Chinese, Winter White and also Campbell types, have actually a couple of differences. Masculine dwarf hamsters often tend to be bigger 보다 female hamsters but there is no proof that their perspective differs due to their sex. Male dwarf hamsters will have a an ext notable scent gland and this may be much more notable in regards to smell together well!

Should you get a male or a woman hamster?

So v that in mind, must you yes, really take your hamster’s sex right into account when selecting them? it is my see that it need to not it is in a major factor, unless you are obtaining a Syrian hamster. It might be recipient to get a male Syrian hamster if friend have kids who room not provided to animals. Male Syrians are much more relaxed and are more likely to it is in friendly to your child. other than that though, sex is not crucial factor uneven you are getting an ext than one hamster. Put a male and also female dwarf hamster in a cage together is walk to cause some unfortunate results! Remember the the sex of her hamster doesn’t really affect their lifespan.

With that in mind, stop summarise the differences between male and female hamsters.

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Male hamsters

Male hamsters are likely to be:

Mellow and relaxed – great news if you have actually a little child! Smellier, if you have actually a Syrian!Likely to shed fur, particularly when they acquire olderBig. Masculine hamsters tend to be bigger than your female counterparts!

Female hamsters

Female hamsters are likely to be:

Territorial, female hamsters have tendency to be an ext dominant than male hamstersSmellier, if you don’t have a Syrian! Harder come handleMuskier, particularly when they space in heat

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My an individual experience through male and female hamsters

As I stated before. I have owned a male and also a female hamster; as such I feeling qualified to have the ability to give some personal advice top top this topic!


In mine experience, Richard has been less complicated to handle; but this isn’t part damning strike on mrs hamsters! my female hamster, although harder to train, was a love companion and also was just as friendly as my masculine hamster. Choose your hamster on their personality as soon as you first see them, not on their sex alone! I decided both my hamsters based upon their task in their enclosure and also how energetic they were. This is much more important than sex.

Conclusion – must you gain a male or woman hamster?

We have looked in ~ the differences between male and also female hamsters in this article. There room a couple of differences in between male and also female hamsters, specifically when it concerns Syrian hamsters. However this doesn’t mean that sex is a hugely important element that you have to look in ~ when getting a hamster. Her hamster, even if it is they are male or female, is qualified of loving you and being friendly in the direction of you. You can have familiar females and also aggressive males, hamsters space unique!

Is your hamster male or female? What has actually your suffer been like? let me understand in the comments!