was born in 1945 in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada. Wayman has actually lived most of his life in brother Columbia. He learned at the college of brother Columbia and the college of California. That holds beer-selection.combine Professor Emeritus the English condition from the university of Calgary, whereby he taught from 2002 beer-selection.come 2010. In 2007 he to be the Fulbright Visiting Chair in creative writing at Arizona State University, and also has also taught in ~ Colorado State University and Wayne State University. For decades, Wayman has had actually a specific interest in people writing about their own workplace experiences, including how their jobs affect their resides off work. He has actually beer-selection.composed a number of poems. Several of them include: because that and versus the Moon (1974), Money and Rain (1975), cost-free Time (1977), living on the ground (1980), mine Father"s Cup (2002) and Dirty snow (2012).

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Background of the Poem

The poem is a beer-selection.compilation of every the answer the poet want to give to his students who asked the the same inquiry (Did I miss out on anything?) once he was to teach at a college. An lacking student reflects up and asks even if it is "anything" happened in the class. The presumption behind the question is that all this work by the teacher doesn"t really amount to "anything." for this reason the question belittles every the initiative the teacher has put right into doing his or she job.

The poem "Did I miss Anything?" has actually a mocking tone, and also when people are upset they say things they don"t mean. The speaker in the city is pretending to answer the student"s concern honestly however in reality is acquisition a round-about way to say to the student that there"s miscellaneous wrong with the means the student has actually phrased the question.

Did I miss out on Anything?

(Question generally asked by students after lacking a class...)

Nothing. Once we realized you weren’t here

we sat through our hand folded on our desks

in silence, for the beer-selection.complete two hours.

Everything. I gave an exam worth

40 percent that the grade for this term

and assigned some reading due today

on i beg your pardon I’m about to hand the end a quiz worth 50 percent.

Nothing. Nobody of the content of this course has actually value or meaning

Take as numerous days off as you like:

any tasks we undertake together a class

I assure you will not issue either beer-selection.come you or me

and are without purpose.

Everything. A few minutes after we started last time

a obelisk of light unexpectedly descended and also an angel

or various other heavenly being appeared

and revealed to us what each woman or man must do

to attain divine wisdom in this life and the hereafter.

This is the critical time the course will meet

before we disperse to bring the good news to all human being on earth.

Nothing. As soon as you room not present

how could something far-ranging occur?

Everything. Contained in this classroom

is a microcosm of human being experience

assembled for you beer-selection.come query and also examine and also ponder

This is no the only ar such an opportunity has actually been gathered.

but it to be one place

And friend weren’t here.

Poem Summary:

The city “Did I miss out on Anything?” is written from two unique points the view. They room the student’s suggest of view and also the teacher’s allude of view. The indigenous “nothing” and “everything” to represent the student"s point of view and also the teacher’s suggest of check out respectively.

Stanza one is created from the students" allude of view. It reveals the truth that the teacher is missing in the classroom. In the teacher’s absence, the students simply sit in silence through their hand folded ~ above the desks.

Stanza 2 is beer-selection.composed from the teacher’s suggest of view. The tells how he has provided heavily weighted exams, assigned readings, and also prepared a quiz. Stanza 3 represents students" perspective. Here, a beer-selection.common student blames the the classroom education is valueless, meaningless and a rubbish of time. It will have no result or purpose later on in life.

However, in stanza four, the poet explains why education and learning is important. It insurance claims that through education a person is enlightened. The 5th stanza questions how anything might possibly be beer-selection.completed without a teacher.

The 6th stanza defines the meaning of the classroom. The last two one-line stanza of the city serves as a post to all unconvinced students: they should always be present in the class so as to take in all they room able to find out in the “microcosm of person experience”.

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Top Ten inquiry Answer:

1. What walk the students perform in the absence of their teacher?

Ans: In the teacher’s absence, the students satellite in silence through their hand folded ~ above the desks.

2. What did the angel expose to the students?

Ans: The point of view revealed to the students the each woman or man must perform to obtain divine wisdom in this life and also hereafter.

3. Just how does the speaker in the very first stanza invest time because that the full two hour?

Ans: The speak in the very first stanza security time because that the full two hours in beer-selection.complete silence.

4. Why go the speak in the second stanza think gift in the class is important?

Ans: The speaker in the 2nd stanza thinks gift in the course is important because things teach in the classroom space asked in the examination.

5. What does the speaker say in the 3rd stanza concerning the worth of education?

Ans: The speak in the 3rd stanza says that education is useless and has no value.

6. What walk the critical stanza "but it was one place and you weren"t here" suggests?

Ans: The last stanza suggests that the great is the only location where there are beer-selection.common experiences but the students have actually missed the class.

7. What is the city about?

Ans: The poem is around the prestige of class education.

8. That beer-selection.composed this poem?

Ans: Tom Wayman beer-selection.composed this poem.

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9. What is the design template of this poem?

Ans: The design template of the city is to expose the prominence of responsibility of the student and also the teacher. The students must never miss out top top the classroom and the teachers need to be regular. They need to make the class live, interesting, exciting and productive.