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Originally posted by: dartworth
James Brown Is Dead...
Fine Night TonightAlice Dejay, maybe? EDIT: five yeah, and also Around the world (what, ATK or something favor that)
Out of that list, ignoring whether or no it"s actually Techno, Sandstorm is the just "classic". This is simply due to the fact that every human in the joined States have the right to recognize it and also nobody knows the damned title.
None that the above.Dave Clarke - Red one.Adam Beyer - password red 1Jeff Mills - BellsThoes are an extremely classic. If friend don"t recognize them, friend don"t recognize techno.
"Hope" Sasha mix initially by Illuminatus it"s top top cd 2 of the an international underground san francisco set. The set is an international underground"s best, buy it if you prefer trance.
Sandstorm?! Yeah, ohhh-kayyyy..Energy 52 - café Del Mar is the
quintessential Trance/House tune. It come out as the Ibiza scene began taking off, and it was roughly at the gold time of Trance. IMHO, nothing"s ever topped it.

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oh man, yet an additional classic.... Yet songs favor that, and better off alone room songs mostly clubbers would know, fairly than the general public
we recognize them as cheeze filler :thumbsdown:out of that list I"d have to chooseUnderworld- Born Slippy or Orbital- Halycona bunch that those tracks space not techno.

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