As they chase serial killers across the country, the agents that Criminal Minds walk through few of the worst experience possible. They"ve been kidnapped, tortured, shot, and drugged (not to point out framed because that murder). But when Aaron Hotchner"s (Thomas Gibson) ex-wife Haley (Meredith Monroe) is killed while they"re talking on the phone, it brings tears to fans" eyes, no matter how many times they"ve rewatched the series.

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Criminal Minds concentrates on the FBI"s Behavioral analysis Unit (BAU) together they use their understanding of typical serial killer traits to track down criminals. In the season 5 episode "100," Hotch and also the other members that the BAU are in the midst of tracking down serial killer George Foyet, a.k.a. The Reaper. Foyet has currently grievously injured Hotch and threatened his ex-wife and also son, therefore they"ve been put in security custody. But the reaping machine tricks Haley right into joining him in ~ Hotch"s house, and it isn"t until she phone call Hotch the she realizes Foyet is walking to death her.

Hotch and also Haley have a tearful final conversation, while all the members of the BAU listen and also desperately shot to gain there in time. It"s heartbreaking and tense because everyone knows what"s going come happen: Haley is going come die. Hotch tells his son to "work the instance with me," i m sorry is a cue to run off and hide in his office. End the phone, Hotch and the BAU hear the sound of gunshots and also know the it"s as well late. Hotch ups his kill count through the finish of the episode by beating Foyet to death.

While there room some scenes the Criminal Minds pan can"t prevent rewatching, this one puts them in tears. Reddit user u/DiscordantScorpion_1 post in r/criminalminds: "Never had actually my love ripped out much more than as soon as I watched "100." Aaron Hotchner went v all that, put his family members through that, and still that didn"t matter because his mam was murdered at the hands of the Reaper... Seeing him sobbing and also holding his ex-wife"s body made my heart crack so much I was bawling."

The episode is heartbreaking overall, but it seems each fan has a various moment that breaks them. For user u/chailatte731, it"s when Hotch find his boy Jack hiding, after killing Foyet, and Jack says, "I worked the case, Daddy, as with you said." User u/chailatte731 commented: "Held it with each other up until then yet when he claimed that... Ns mean... Ns was just a puddle. Jack is so innocent :"( and all was no lost."

Meanwhile, user u/mrinalini3 was currently bawling before that, starting when Haley is top top the phone call with Hotch and Jack hugs her. They said, "when jack hugged Haley and said mom you"re hugging me also tight... Mine heart broke into pieces." User u/abmcm commented the the finish of the phone call is what really gets to them, specifically hearing the team"s reactions.

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It just goes to display that return Hotchner left the present after 11 seasons, he"s tho beloved by the fans.