If girlfriend are searching for the ideal ocean beaches close to Sacramento, you’re in happiness! I have actually gathered all the finest beaches closest to Sacramento.

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While Sacramento is located in California’s main Valley, that is no that much from the coast.

The the next beaches to Sacramento room 95 miles far in the mountain Francisco only Area. You can leave Sacramento and also drive come the beach in less than 1.5-hours.

Sacramento deserve to get an extremely hot during the summer, when on the coastline the temperature stay much cooler.

During the summer, many human being from Sacramento and the valley head over to the coast to cool off and enjoy these impressive beaches.

To aid you choose your perfect coast destination, I have gathered the top-rated beaches that are within a 2.5-hour drive. Here are my picks because that the best ocean beaches near Sacramento.

Ocean Beaches near Sacramento, CA

Many of this beaches are situated in mountain Francisco, because the just is only around 1.5-hours far from Sacramento.

If you are going to drive that far, you can even want to journey a little bit farther to view some other beaches follow me the coast.

In addition to the ideal Bay Area beaches girlfriend will additionally find the top-rated beaches to the surrounding counties of Marin, Sonoma, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz.

1. Baker Beach


Located under the Golden gate Bridge you will find the closest beach to Sacramento top top this list. The journey to Baker coast from Sacramento is around 1-hour and also 40-minutes depending upon traffic.

The 1-mile long Beach is simply steps native downtown san Francisco and also is located within the Golden Gate national Recreation Area.

It is among the ideal beaches in san Francisco, a favorite of locals, and it has actually a stunning watch of the Golden gate Bridge. Setup on getting here early due to the fact that parking fills up fast.

The huge waves and also undertow make the water unsafe for swimming. Baker coast is a famous spot because that picnics, photography, and walks follow me the sand. In ~ low tide there are likewise tide pools.

Two renowned hikes at Baker Beach encompass the 2.2-mile Batteries come Bluffs Trail and the 4-mile Lands End coastal Trail.

2. Stinson Beach

Stinson beach is found on the north next of the golden Gate leg in Marin County. This beach is well-known as one of northern California’s best kept secrets!

You deserve to drive come this coast in a tiny under 2-hours from Sacramento. Stinson coast is recognized for that is stunning white-sand, beautiful views, and also hiking trails.

It is situated within the Golden Gate national Recreation Area and the Point Reyes national Seashore.

Make certain you plan to arrive early since parking is limited. There is a lifeguard on duty from might to Mid-September together this coast is a good spot because that surfing and also swimming.

You can also rent boards, wetsuits, kayaks or bikes indigenous the adjacent Stinson beach Surf and Kayak because that the day. The Stinson beach area includes restrooms, a snack bar, and picnic tables.

3. Ocean Beach


Another one of the ideal beaches near Sacramento to visit is s Beach. This coast is also under a 2-hour journey from Sacramento.

Ocean coast is situated next to Golden gate Park and is in ~ the Golden Gate nationwide Recreation Area.

This beach is much wider than various other beaches in the just Area and the sandy coast is 3.5-miles long.

It is a great place to spend the day but not a for sure spot because that swimming due to rip currents. This coast is mainly flat and sandy, yet does additionally have some little sand dunes.

Most people go below to walk and just enjoy the views. To add it’s alongside the city and also so you can conveniently walk indigenous the beachto Golden gate Park and even come the San Francisco Zoo.

There are likewise 16 fire pits for this reason you have the right to enjoy a bonfire ideal on the beach. Keep in mind that fires are only permitted March with October.

Ocean beach is a great beach not too much from Sacramento where you deserve to enjoy the views, go the sandy beach, clock the surfers, and even have actually a bonfire.

4. Muir Beach


Muir coast in Marin County is a favorite among the locals. This beach and lagoon is tucked back in a quiet cove and also is only about a 1-hour and 45-minute journey from Sacramento.

If you desire to view the best views of this stunning beach, climate you will desire to inspect out Muir coast Overlook. This is also a gorgeous point out to watch the sunset!

There are some an excellent trails that have actually breathtaking views of the ocean and also coastline. A few of the well-known trails encompass the Bay Ridge Trail and also the Dias Ridge Trail.

The beach is additionally less than 10 minutes from Muir Woods national Monument. You have the right to visit among the most amazing beaches top top the north coast and then view the towering tree of Muir Woods ~ above the same day.

5. Rodeo Beach


Rodeo beach is unique due to the fact that instead of simply sand the has tiny colored pebbles extending the beach. It is a an excellent beach in the just Area the is only a 1-hour and 40-minute journey from Sacramento.

This beach is situated in Marin County and is in ~ the Golden Gate nationwide Recreation Area. The is a famous spot because that beachcombing and also surfing.

Rodeo Beach borders the bluffs and the Rodeo Lagoon. While this coast is unsafe for swimming, that is a great spot for hiking and bird watching.

It likewise might it is in a great idea to bring lunch together there are no surrounding restaurants or locations to eat. You can even have a picnic top top the beach!

6. Goat absent State Beach


Boat absent State coast is located in Sonoma County simply off Highway 1. The drive from Sacramento come Goat absent Beach is around 2.5 hours.

The rocks, cliffside, and also the see at this sandy beach are few of the most beautiful the you will discover in all of California.Just make certain that girlfriend are careful near the water since this coast has huge and dangerous sneaker waves.

Despite being among the most dangerous beaches in Sonoma County, this beach has actually pristine views. That is likewise home come a nest of port seals that hang out close to the beach.

Goat rock Beach has actually restrooms and picnic tables and some the the finest hiking trails. If girlfriend visit native December with April, save an eye the end for whales as they are regularly spotted here throughout male migrate season.

You could also experience a nice coastal hike follow me the beach bluffs top top the 0.8-mile Kortum Trail. That is even much more beautiful in the spring and also summer once you deserve to see wildflowers and also California golden Poppies.

7. Wrights Beach


Another good beach in Sonoma County that is only around a 2-hour journey from Sacramento is Wrights Beach.

It is situated off Highway 1 within the Sonoma shore State Park. If the water below is also unsafe because that swimming, the coast is amazing and also you have the right to camp right beside the sand in ~ Wrights coast Campground.

Campsites #1-10 even have ocean views! just make sure you reserve her spots at an early stage as this well-known campground fills up fast.

Wrights Beach is just one of the longest sandy beaches in Sonoma County. There space a couple of different work use locations where friend can access the beach.

8. Pacifica State Beach


Pacifica State beach is additionally known together Linda Mar Beach because it is located next come the Linda Mar Subdivision in the City of Pacifica.

This beach is around 1-hour and 45-minutes from Sacramento. Pacifica is among California’s best underrated surf towns.

This crescent shaped beach is a great spot for beginner surfers. If you want to shot surfing, there are a couple of different surf shops the rent boards and also wetsuits right next to the beach.

It is one of the finest beaches for swimming due to the fact that it’s sheltered in a cove which uses some defense from larger waves.

The beach is straightforward to access as it is best off Highway 1. Over there are also bathrooms and outdoor showers.

You will find a Taco Bell Cantina right on the sand. It is one of the coolest Taco Bells ever!

You can walk right up to the takeout home window from the beach, or you deserve to go inside and also enjoy your food through views of the ocean.

Pacifica State Beach must be on her list for among the finest beaches close to Sacramento to visit.

You can even make a weekend pilgrimage out of it and stay at one of the hotels right close to the beach in Pacifica.

9. Montara State Beach


Montara State coast is just under 2-hours native Sacramento and is a good ocean coast to check out the birds pools and enjoy stunning beach views.

This 1-mile lengthy sandy coast is situated on the San Mateo County coast. This is no a great beach because that swimming as there are plenty of rip currents.

You will discover two different accessibility spots to obtain down top top the sand. The wood stairs in ~ Martini Creek and the simpler cement stair behind La Costanera mexico Restaurant.

Next to the beach are hiking trails and some an excellent views from the McNee Ranch. Montara State beach is less crowded than countless of the various other beaches in the area and you deserve to spend the job relaxing and also enjoying the ocean.

10. Santa Cruz Beach


Santa Cruz beach is just a 2.5-hour journey from Sacramento. This coast is finest known because that the Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk has actually rides, entertainment, food, and also drinks. You have the right to have days full of fun at this oceanfront amusement park.

The actual coast is found right next to the boardwalk and is the perfect spot to swim and also spend part time on the sand. Simply make certain that you obtain there early on as parking can fill up fast.

Santa Cruz beach is only a few hours native Sacramento, however it feels much more like you are on one of the southern California Beaches.

Down ~ above the coast you will discover lifeguard towers and also volleyball nets. This beach absolutely has the California vibe!

You might even invest a weekend trying out the City the Santa Cruz, which is one of the ideal beach communities in California.

These 10 best ocean beaches close to Sacramento are my favorite areas to gain out that the main Valley and also go spend some time top top the coast.

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The following time the you desire to get out of the city or take a trip to the coast to cool off in the summer, ns hope the these beaches help you pick the ideal beach come visit close to you.