Even through the absence of beaches in Salt Lake City itself—Utah, in addition to other surrounding states, is tho a trove that fun-filled getaways and also adventures simply a stone’s throw away native the city.

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From the usual white sand beaches and gorgeous shorelines, to more unique and also extraordinary destinations that include geological formations, salty lakes, off-the-radar spots, and also mountain views; she in for a diverse collection of options.

Whether you the adventurous and also athletic form who looks for a fresh brand-new encounter with every visit, or a laid-back person who simply wants a peaceful experience amidst nature, we have actually something to recommend because that you.

Check out our perform of the best beaches near Salt Lake City, UT so that you can lay the end the perfect getaway to fulfill all your travel needs.

1. Good Salt Lake State Park — Magna


13312 West 1075 SouthMagna, UT 84044(801) 828-0787

First opened up to the basic public every the method back in 1978, good Salt Lake State Park is located on the lake’s southern side and is well-known for that is marina.

Why us Recommend this Beach

Only a 20-minute drive away, good Salt Lake State Park is conveniently one of our favorite fast beach getaways from Salt Lake City whereby you can get captivating sunset views, an possibility to view all type of birds, sail and explore the waters, and also maybe also camp overnight.

Expert Tip

Because of the unusually high salt content, great Salt Lake is not an ideal place for swimming because you’ll just float. However, you deserve to go paddleboarding, kayaking, and boating ~ above the waters, and also maybe even eat in the Sunset Galley, a small casual dining setup at the park.

Recommended Hotel Near good Salt Lake State Park — Magna: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Salt Lake City Airport

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2. Antelope Island State Park — Syracuse


4528 W 1700 SSyracuse, UT 84075(801) 773-2941

With an area of approximately 42 square miles, Antelope Island is the largest amongst ten islands located within the good Salt Lake, Utah.

Why us Recommend this Beach

If you’re native Utah, you’d know this renowned beach close to Salt Lake City which garners numerous thousands of travellers every year.

With a network of good quality led roads the meander roughly the shores of the island, alongside the numerous hiking trails, pristine waters, and captivating landscapes, that no surprised why many people enjoy this beach.

Expert Tip

The island is residence to one of the biggest publicly owned herds of bison in the totality US, in addition to over 200 openly roaming pronghorn antelope, and also 250-plus well-known bird species, therefore make certain to carry your binoculars because that an exceptional wildlife-viewing experience.

Recommended Hotel near Antelope Island State Park — Syracuse: Hilton Garden Inn Salt Lake City/Layton

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3. Cemetery point Beach — Huntsville


1st StHuntsville, UT 84317(385) 273-1100

Established all the method back in 1937, beaches about the Pineview Reservoir were developed when a dam was built on the Ogden River.

Why we Recommend this Beach

This beach supplies gorgeous views of the water alongside the lush eco-friendly hills the surround the reservoir. Among all that counterparts, this destination is definitely the best beach because that swimming due to the fact that of that cool temperature and its waters i m sorry are among the calmest in Utah.

Furthermore, Cemetery allude Beach is known to it is in the perfect spot for kayaking or paddleboarding it is perfect if you desire to try something new.

Expert Tip

On weekends, the beach gets excessively crowded. We absolutely suggest walk on a job trip during the weekdays to avoid getting cramped in v so many world when you invest your time ~ above this beach.

Recommended Hotel close to Cemetery suggest Beach — Huntsville: best Western add to Canyon Pines

4. Wayne Bartholomew Park — Springville


1090 E 2900 S StSpringville, UT 84663(801) 489-2770

Because of its calm waters, tiny area, and rockless waters, the Wayne Bartholomew Park is our main pick for the safest coast for children to splash approximately in.

Why we Recommend this Beach

Along through the many picturesque bordering view about this park, it additionally boasts the several easily accessible amenities which include public restrooms, pavilions, volleyball courts, and vast open spaces that space perfect for every sorts of entertain activities.

Expert Tip

Although this coast is doing not have a lifeguard, rentals for lifejackets and also other equipment accessible within the park deserve to be secured to keep the small ones safe as they enjoy a whole day out in the sun.

Recommended Hotel close to Wayne Bartholomew Park — Springville: Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

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5. Zephyr Cove beach Lake — Zephyr Cove


760 US-50Zephyr Cove, NV 89448(800) 238-2463

The Zephyr Cove beach Lake’s mile-long sandy shores market the finest beach vacations indigenous Salt Lake City together endless methods for funny in the sun and also waters.

Why us Recommend this Beach

This well-maintained coast is recognized to it is in the perfect entry suggest for a refreshing emboldened in Lake Tahoe’s extremely clear alpine water. Right here you deserve to lay down underneath the sun or simply enjoy a lazy swim throughout the patience cool waters together you explore the gorgeous beach.

Expert Tip

The Zephyr Cove Resort close to the coast hosts lots of events all year round that you deserve to join, these include volleyball tournaments, parties, and other society gatherings.

Also, don’t miss out on out top top dropping by in ~ the Sunset Bar & Grille to enjoy a quite cocktail because that the complete beach getaway experience.

Recommended Hotel close to Zephyr Cove coast Lake — Zephyr Cove: The Cabins at Zephyr Cove

6. Highland glen Park — Highland


4800 knight AveHighland, UT 84003(801) 756-5751

Highland valley Park is a tiny but beautiful beach the is surrounding by a gorgeous mountain view, alongside captivating lush trees.

Why we Recommend this Beach

If you’re traveling v the entirety bunch and are looking for a family-friendly beach, this is definitely one that them. This park offers a refreshing swimming in the pond, multiple locations with equipped picnic facilities, BBQ grills and also so much more.

Expert Tip

This park has no lifeguard, so make sure to store a keen eye on her kiddos if you’re planning to bring them through you.

Recommended Hotel close to Highland glen Park — Highland: Embassy Suites through Hilton southern Jordan Salt Lake City

7. Bear Lake State Park — Garden City


940 N be afflicted with Lake BlvdGarden City, UT 84028(435) 946-3343

Offering 3 recreation remarkable areas: Rendezvous Beach, be afflicted with Lake Marina, and East Side, this coast park is a trove that endless avenues for recreation and also outdoor fun.

Why we Recommend this Beach

This location is undoubtedly amongst our favourite lake beaches nearby Salt Lake City. Bear Lake boasts a 20-mile long and eight-mile wide area filled v beautiful & placid waters that perfectly match the serene pace and culture of the neighboring quaint towns that dot the shore.

Expert Tip

Garden City is a pretty famed resort city destination, therefore if you setup on going to this beach and spending an ext than just a work there, make sure to book all your reservations in breakthrough to secure yourself the perfect ar to continue to be in that will certainly accommodate all your needs.

Recommended Hotel close to Bear Lake State Park — Garden City: WorldMark bear Lake

8. Lake Havasu State Park — Lake Havasu City


699 London bridge RdLake Havasu City, AZ 86403(877) 697-2757

Lake Havasu State Park is an above destination and also landmark located in Mohave County, Arizona.

Why us Recommend this Beach

The scenic coast of this state park is a gem amidst Arizona filled through all species of organic wonders and spots.

Furthermore, this waterspot haven is a trove of the end recreation methods such together camping, boating, and also fishing that’s perfect because that outgoing adventurers who desire a distinctive experience.

Expert Tip

Across the sandy shores of this enthralling beach room markers the the designated swim area. You have the right to still swim beyond those locations the park has actually designated if you desire to go deeper, yet be sure to wear comfortable footwear due to the fact that it could get rocky beyond the lines.

Recommended Hotel close to Lake Havasu State Park — Lake Havasu City: holiday Inn to express & Suites Lake Havasu – London Bridge

9. Glenn Canyon nationwide Recreation Area — Bullfrog


4304 BullfrogLake Powell, UT 84533(928) 608-6200

Glen Canyon national Recreation Area is easily one the the most unique and also prettiest beaches in the whole state that Utah.

Why us Recommend this Beach

Glen Canyon national Recreation Area uses a massive area of more than 1.2 million acres of unparalleled avenues for land and aquatic recreation that’s suitable for a wide selection of ages.

Within this infamous recreation area is an equally famous destination; Lake Powell, i beg your pardon is recognized to be the second largest human-made lake in the joined States.

Expert Tip

After enjoying the waters, don’t miss out on exploring scenic views and unique geology the canyons have to offer. Not to point out the fascinating evidence of 10,000 years of person history.

Recommended Hotel close to Glen Canyon nationwide Recreation Area — Bullfrog: finest Western view of Lake Powell Hotel

10. Deer Creek State Park — Wallsburg


UT-314Wallsburg, UT 84082(435) 654-0171

The Deer Creek State Park in Wallsburg is just one of the nearest beach spots indigenous Salt Lake City i beg your pardon offers loads of recreational tasks for everyone to enjoy.

Why us Recommend this Beach

Deer Creek is a medium-sized reservoir situated in Heber sink which offers scenic and also picturesque see of the nearby mountain ranges, alongside excellent water conditions for boating, fishing and other water sports.

Expert Tip

This mesmerizing coast is adjacent the Wasatch Front, therefore definitely arrangement your expedition ahead and pay a worthwhile visit to a variety of historical landmarks, fascinating museums and also destinations that are within a stone’s throw away.

Recommended Hotel close to Deer Creek State Park — Wallsburg: Zermatt Utah resort & Spa Trademark arsenal by Wyndham

11. Sand hole State Park — Hurricane


3351 Sand hollow RdHurricane, UT 84737(435) 680-0715

Featuring an ocean of red sand, the Sand hole State Park provides a distinctive twist to her usual beach getaway.

Why we Recommend this Beach

Sand hole State Park is renowned for its red sandy beaches, mesmerizing red rock formations, and also its substantial 1,322-acre reservoir; this park boasts a plethora of fun-filled opportunities.

Expert Tip

This destination is a famed spot for all sorts the sports. Be certain to shot out talk all-terrain vehicles together you endeavor forth in the sand dunes, or shot your way out with jet-skis, paddle boats, and also other recreational activities for an unmatched adventure.

Recommended Hotel near Sand hollow State Park — Hurricane: work Inn by Wyndham Hurricane/Zion national Park Area

12. Yuba Lake State Park — Levan


Levan, UT 84639(435) 758-2611

Yuba State Park is a tranquil destination in Utah which functions the Yuba Reservoir ~ above the Sevier River.

Why we Recommend this Beach

Located about 25 miles south of Nephi in Levan, Utah—this park boasts a number of recreational methods which include camping, boating, swimming, fishing, and surrounding off-the-highway automobile riding.

Expert Tip

The Yuba State Park is house to a variety of land and also aquatic animal species, therefore make certain to take benefit of fishing as you gain to reel in the most sought after fishes lurking under the river’s surface, and to trek the open locations of the wilderness.

Recommended Hotel close to Yuba Lake State Park — Levan: supervisor 8 through Wyndham Salina/Scenic Hills Area

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13. Echo State Park — Coalville


2115 Echo Dam RdCoalville, UT 84017(435) 336-9894

Nestled in ~ 5,560 feet above sea level simply north the Park City, Echo Reservoir is the newest addition to Utah’s state parks.

Why us Recommend this Beach

Located in the Wasatch variety near the old mining town of Coalville, this park is just a 45-minute drive from Salt Lake City, and also even closer to Ogden, i beg your pardon is perfect for those that are trying to find nice beaches just a brief trip away from the city.

Expert Tip

Spanning at considerable area the 1,450 acres, along with it gift relatively new to the scene, this park offers an intimate and also secluded opportunity if you just want to walk on a peaceful kayaking trip throughout the waters.

Recommended Hotel close to Echo State Park — Coalville: best Western vacation Hills

14. Cattail Cove State Park — Lake Havasu City


AZ-95Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406(928) 855-1223

The Cattail Cove State Park provides spectacular weekend coast trips from Salt Lake City that contains a number of activities and also fun-filled opportunities.

Why we Recommend this Beach

This beach features a variety of amenities that offer a vast spectrum and variety of activities for anyone to enjoy.Aside native the timeless campsites, this park likewise features boat-in campsites along the lake shoreline. Whether you’re interested in traversing the waters or scouting the lands, this park will certainly let you gain a tranquil experience follow me Lake Havasu.

Expert Tip

The waters of Cove State Park is a trove of all sorts the fishes, so make sure to reel out your fishing rods as you fish because that largemouth and also striped bass, channel and also flathead catfish, bluegill and also crappie for an unforgettable experience out in the waters.

Recommended Hotel near Cattail Cove State Park — Lake Havasu City: Hampton Inn Lake Havasu City

15. Curecanti national Recreation Area — Gunnison


102 Elk CreekGunnison, CO 81230(970) 641-2337

Established all the means back in 1965, the Curecanti nationwide Recreation Area is conveniently one that the finest beaches close to Salt Lake City, UT.

Why we Recommend this Beach

Curecanti national Recreation Area features the Gunnison River consisting of 3 reservoirs. This is a renowned destination for water-based recreation high in the Rocky hills which incorporate salmon & trout fishing, boating and also swimming.

Additionally, because of the immense and also extensive green areas of this top location, there are additionally a range of land-based recreation obtainable which include hiking, camping, and bird watching.

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Expert Tip

Gunnison is a sea of organic wilderness, so aside from your beach attires and necessities, we definitely recommend bringing a tent and also hiking devices to totally experience every it’s natural wonders.

Recommended Hotel close to Curecanti national Recreation Area — Gunnison: Alpine Inn & Suites Gunnison