​From the job you come on campus, you will certainly appreciate the small-town atmosphere of mountain Pleasant, Michigan, a comfortable and also friendly American university town. CMU offers the finest of two worlds: reliable faculty linked with a large university and also the personal attention noted by faculty members who flourish on to teach in a warm and collaborative environment.

Our students reap this balance and also discover the CMU offers a wide variety of graduate examine resources, contemporary facilities and also technology, and also many hand-operated learning opportunities with professors who are leaders in your fields.

Location, Location, Location

Located in the heart of Michigan, you’re never much more than one come three hrs away from where you want to it is in – the good Lakes only Region, the urban scene in cool Rapids, Detroit or Lansing.

Three surrounding airports are:

State-of-the-art Living facilities

The Graduate Housing complex is a two-building, smoke-free residential housing area, situated on the north end of campus. You will certainly be procedures from the wellness Professions/College of medicine building and also close come Mission Street shopping and also restaurants, and downtown Mt. Pleasant. The facility includes a completely equipped fitness facility for grad students and multiple meeting rooms that will certainly fit the requirements for small to huge study teams or for presentations. Select from one, 2 or 4 bedroom layouts with features like air-conditioning, full kitchens through stainless steel appliances, and laundry room with full-sized energy Star rated washer and dryer.

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Northwest Apartments market one and two bedroom floor plans.​ The apartments room furnished with the simple necessities: twin bed, dresser, mirror, sofa, finish table and coffee table. Neighborhood laundry framework are obtainable in every complex.

Kewadin Apartments is a family-friendly apartment complex offering two- and three-bedroom floor plans.​ The apartments are furnished with the simple necessities: twin bed, dresser, mirror, sofa, end table and also coffee table.​ ar laundry framework are easily accessible in every complex.​

Breathtaking Campus Community

Connect with nature on much more than 80 miles of the Chippewa flow Water trail or in mountain Pleasant"s 15 area parks. Take a meal and also go shopping with a girlfriend in the quaint downtown district. Examine culture and art at the Ziibwing center of Anishinabe society and Lifeways. Visit among the city"s championship golf courses. Find the numerous other activities surrounding campus. Over there is always something to do or check out in the area!

Vibrant university Culture

Central Michigan university is proud to market students the capacity to suffer a diverse world through classes and, in partnership with Office because that Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, plenty of campus-wide programs and also activities. Global students representing 66 vountries space proud to speak to Mt. Satisfied home.

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Looking to acquire involved? With an ext than 400 registered student establishments on campus, you"re virtually guaranteed to uncover a team that meets your an individual and expert goals and interests.

Hoping to continue to be active? an ext than 10,000 "Chips" complete on intramural teams and club sports, in among the biggest intramural program in the nation. Access to ours 175,000-square-foot Student task Center is at your fingertips, even if it is to swim, bowl, lift, big or run. Fresh air much more your style? think about the numerous miles the biking and also walking trails overcome campus and beyond.

At CMU, you can expect expert faculty, small classes and a campus culture rich with educational events, guest lectures, theatre performances, and top-notch athletic programs.