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I'm high as a motherfuckerJust gonna acting my whole life awayChorus: G MoneyI acting the weedTryin' come hide the painSpendin' all of my timeSmoke mine life awayYou have the right to feel it insideTake a look in ~ my eyesCan youFeel the painMary, mary, take it my pain awayWe struggle in timeIt's written all on mine faceTake a look at my eyesDon't you dare look awayMary jane to maintainTryin' toHeal my painKickin' in the door through the dual dawg, pumpShotgun, trucha, comin' in, civilization screamin'And pushin', I'm shovin', I'm buggin', I'm thuggin', I'm muggin'Showin' no lovin' because that you, wherein my cousin, now what (SHUT THE crap UP)Bringing warmth out the oven, they contact me No-Good-For-Nothin'I'm constantly huffin' and also puffin', about to get into somethin'And if friend stompin', I'm jumpin' in, the Clika, I'm bumpin' itNew Mexico Lobo, ain't the fool to it is in fuckin' withIgniting like dynamite, my beat is atomicallyYour automatically AK-47, ain't no stoppin' meGot the chronic, obtained it proper, GI'm Romero, prefer (???), I'm a always be on peak of thingsI placed the chronic in the bowl, take it a motherfuckin'Pull, out the motherfuckin' fool choose a an enig (Know who?)I'm a lobo, I'm a rebel, I'm a angelI'm a devil, ~ above the norte, on the sur, ~ above the eastern side and also the westIf you great me every the best, I'm a store you in the chestSee, you check out me on the press, see, you view me smokin' stressSee, you view a loco blessedI was never ever nothin' more, i was never ever nothin' lessPut mine life top top the beat, comin' live native the streetsTime to to fill me increase a drink, take a toast come the very upmostGettin' weeded til ns comatoastMary, maryAll i weeded, I'm a acquire you blownHome blownAll my roadway dawgs knowThat I offer it all i gotAlways blowin' out the spot, 4:20 ~ above the dotTime come fire increase a cropEverybody puffin' top top it as soon as I'm blazin' up the chronic non-stopSo I'm a hit that on the drop, organize it in, let it outI'm for this reason motherfuckin' high, that I'm bleedin' from the mouthWrap my tongue increase on the micI'm a smoke away my lifeTryin' come hide from the pain
Repeat ChorusSmokin' weed top top the dailyWaiting til fatality saysSince the eighties, I lived in the crib full of babiesLeft in the dark, was the spark, in the parkWalkin' v a strap, v nowhere to go, MaryMary JaneHelped me toEase the painTo maintain the gank, to take it gain, begin hustlin'The dope, come change, to do thangsStop fuckin' v them hoes, gain up, and get paid, homieGet madeI obtained me a weapon come sprayI was lost for a dayWalkin' the highways with some heat and also some hayAnd finished upLocked in a cage favor a slaveCaught in a daze"Funny together fuck," you could sayI obtained out and also got blazedTook a turn, lookin' upHow to changeWas tellin' a negative BoyNot come play, butMary Jane, together with the nuts to gain braveAnd the hopes to obtain savedGot me a name in the corridor I would kill forTakin' my bullshitTo the graveNothin' but 702 blues, troopsIn the '82 Coup deuce, gotta moveMy attitude, screwedGotta obtain me part weed to gain me through (Fuck that shit up, dawg)
Hook: poor BoySmokin' with nothin' come doWritin' and rappin' and also shitThere ain't nothin' newLivin' and also waitin' til fatality do us partFor my dreams to come trueSay that againRepeat HookSmoke someRepeat ChorusFrom Tropicana to BonanzaI'm attackin' motherfuckersLike some brand form of fatal cancerWith a handgunThrowin' tantrums whenever ns goMore climate a job withoutTalkin' come Samson, like fifty percent BakedI'm smokin' in ~ a fast paceOn a motherfuckin' blunt of that California skunkIn an instance, therefore you know I'm a get stuckAnd you're gonna gain structCause I'm drunk and don't give a fuck, roll anotherI'm already done v the firstYou don't really feeling the pain, you simply pretend that it hurtsYou haven't the slightest idea on how the earth worksThere's means more to life than what you can read in a bookChasin' skirtsRockin' new shirts and also put D's on her shitI come equipped with a complete .380 caliber clipYou ain't gotta be a physician to watch that I'm sickA bitch ain't gotta understand I'm rappin' to get on the dickBut it certain as fuck helpsEspecially when I'm locked upIn the county v no money because that bailI'm Don Well, ns rock well, my eternal restin' place is hellSo i don't treatment to beat fairFuck the world and everybody top top itI'm for this reason God damn bored with life that I'm yawnin'I don't watch the new sun dawnin'In reality I'm pissed offWhen ns wake up reason I live to view the mornin'Fuck it, i hit much longer than a cigaretteI live my life by the second with no regretLike RodneyI oath I obtain no respectFrom these dumbMotherfuckers til they get checkedOn your chinNow, chasin' deathFuck runnin' indigenous itI feel haunted by the general publicAnother critizin' people like me who stay bluntedChase smoke and drink liquor all night, livin' toxic

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Repeat ChorusEse Brown, steppin' in, v the ClickAnd we currently in the game, loco come the brainComin' with the gangbangVocals, it's the motherfuckin'Local boys, the end makin' noise through your homeboysClika One up in their low toysNow we're makin' more noiseLike hood niggas in a rolfes RoyceOnly becomin' a street voice, spit the rhymeWith the gangsta poise and also my closest homeboysAre criminal minded with no choice, take it a tokeAnd get the posesthe out, win out, spillin' your guts outNo heart, no doubt, I'm in the Caddy, gettin'Smoked outWith the locs onAnd I'm probably coked out, should I bring 'em outWith the gun shot (Shit)Why notNever hear to words in my verse, since I was cursedTo it is in the worst indigenous the an initial dayThe vato burstedFrom the bullets I provided him in first placeNever disrespect the nameClika One come the brain, very same thingsWith the mary Jane to maintainFuck the shame, I'm gonna sloop down the painTo the brainWith the 40 bottle exchange (Bullets are hollow)We ain't promised tomorrowSo why botherCrooked routes are hard to followWhen street life is tough to sloop down (Light that shit up)Repeat ChorusI smoke the weedTried come hide my painYou can feel itInsideTake a lookCan you take a lookWhoa, noMary, Mary, take it my pains awayI feeling it insideTake a lookMary Jane to maintainHeal my painYou will certainly all light a tokeTo deal with my bodyCan you, cure my painCan you feeling me, feel me, yeahListen