There might be one intermittent shift to Park message shown on the Driver Information facility (DIC) as soon as the auto has been shifted come Park and also the ignition has been turned come the Off position (Fig. 32) on part 2016-2019 Malibu, Volt; 2017-2019 Acadia; 2018-2019 Traverse; and also 2019 Blazer models. The transition to Park message may be the an outcome of a build-up of material on the contact of the Park switch once it is activated in the transmission regulate (shifter) assembly. The excessive material may cause a greater than expected resistance in the signal circuit to the Body manage Module (BCM), and also not permit the BCM come electronically check out that the automobile is in Park, even though the car transmission is in the Park position.

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Fig. 32

If this condition is present, the BCM will revolve on the change to Park message and also not enable the ignition to turn off, leave the ignition in Accessory mode. To minimize the inrush of current that reasons the excessive accumulation on the contacts, download an in-line shifter wiring exploit jumper (Fig. 33) between the shifter base connector and also the console harness connector.


Fig. 33

Clean the electric Contacts

With the automobile in Park and the ignition off, eliminate the transmission regulate (shifter) bar knob and boot assembly. (Fig. 34)

Fig. 34

Next, clean the Park Switch electrical contacts by depressing the actuation rod completely and climate releasing the rod. Use the flat side the a trim stick or your thumb and enable the rod come “snap” ago to the complete up position. (Fig. 35) Repeat the cleaning procedure 50 times. It’s an essential to clean the electric contacts to ensure a ideal repair.

Fig. 35

After perfect the clean procedure, start the vehicle and also verify the the transition to Park post is not shown on the DIC. If the change to Park post is quiet displayed, replace the transmission control (shifter) assembly. A newly style transmission regulate assembly is currently available.

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Install Jumper Harness

If the transition to Park message is not displayed, download the jumper harness. Eliminate the front floor console trim plate and disconnect the body harness native the transmission control assembly. (Fig. 36)

Fig. 36

TIP: come gain accessibility to the change control wiring connector, it will be necessary to remove only the front floor console trim plate. However, on some models, it might be necessary to remove the former floor console trim plate and also reposition the console assembly

Install the in-line shifter wiring exploit jumper between the shifter base connector and the console harness connector. The jumper harness need to not it is in twisted or kinked in a 90 degree position. (Fig. 37)

Fig. 37

Start the vehicle and also verify the the transition to Park post is no displayed. Reinstall the prior floor console trim plate and any various other trim panels and also the transmission manage lever knob and also boot assembly.