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Has anyone here tried the gadgetman groove come decrease gas consumption? He seems sincere, just my valve isn"t improving..... Vacuum leaks? ... However have done the reduced intake gasket, the plenum gasket, all vacuum hoses... Still not successful... Going to carry out a compression test soon to watch if I have actually a negative valve or something, however thought I"d check with friend all. Thanks! Goose

How space you males determining mpg? follow to my overhead display screen my valve gets about 17 hwy. I gibberish done the math through my odometer and also a full tank yet im certain its not 17 mpg. Btw , my setup is 99 awd, 233c swap, 2+1 lift, 235 75 r15, g80 and 3.73 gears
the HUD is only an approximate mean over time and also it help to clean it native time to time to aid find the end what you space close come getting. The only way to recognize for sure is to division your miles driven on a complete tank by gallons that takes to to fill it back up again. Any other technique is just a guess.The guy cases on typical to gain 37% mpgs and some more then 50%... This is simply ludicrous if you think it! If this was a useful method to actually gain MPGs, then why wouldn"t every vehicle manufacturer in the civilization be utilizing it. Instead of one hillbilly in a driveway.
2000 Astro- Camperized, bumpers, lifted, LS 5.3 V8, 4x4 T-case, Truetrac rear locker, 31x10.5x15 BFG KO2"s"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"Build thread-"

Sounds choose a gimmick! Anything that screws through the air/fuel ratio, will either have the computer system compensate ago to correct, or leaning an engine will certainly prematurely burn valves. There"s no free ride. O2 sensors will attempt to adjust for every little thing you screw with.If you"re acquiring 17mpg.. Then you room doing fairly well and also getting what you have to be getting. Mileage will certainly vary with speed, load, driving habits, wind load, etc etc. When I slow-moving down, ns can get close come 20mpg... But my highway median (at 80) is about 15mpg (taller tires and lift hurt). My previous 2000 got about 17 as well.Highway tires help... Wild tread patterns have the right to make purpose of use drop. Constantly keep tire pressures to max.Head winds deserve to dramatically influence mileage readings too.PS: i have uncovered my overhead fuel mileage display screen to be quite accurate... Every time I"ve actually checked versus it.

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2000 Astro LS 4x4 | NP233 | 31" LT265/70R17 Tires | 8" background | 10" TOTAL92 Chevy Astro Cargo Shorty | V8-350