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I think ns remember something prefer that from mine Camaro days, yet I can"t psychic anymore. Ns know around the ar near the distributor on the behind of the block, yet I swear ns remember there being another location down near the oil filter somewhere.I am setup the 283 up in mine Bel waiting to use the stock light, yet I am want to hide a actual oil push gauge what in the car so I deserve to be sure if what that is doing. I desire to make certain that my memory is correct before I go any type of further.
Some guys are Baptists, rather Catholics, my father to be an Oldsmobile man.When pass the torch, try not to hand out the finish that"s on fire.Brian "56 Chevy Bel Air

I"m like you...I remember a connection point near the filter also. Ns think there may be a plug at the height of the filter housing but I may be wrong. I"m sure someone else will respond that knows for sure. An excellent question and also I was reasoning of law the same.


On most 283 and small journal327 engines over there is a oil pressure ar at the former of the block right below the oil filler tube. Also one in ~ the rear beside the dizzy. I dont understand of one ~ above the side of the block. Randall

Brian it might depend on the year the engine, but the 350 i have actually in mine 57 has actually a place behind the intake and another ar right over the oil filter. I am utilizing both areas on my 57.Terry 2dr sedan Bel Air, owned because 1978
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Thanks for the replies everyone!Randall, transforms out my 283 has actually that plug too up front. Ns guess I"ll go ahead and use that one because that the gauge and also the one in the back for the share sender.

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Some males are Baptists, rather Catholics, my father to be an Oldsmobile man.When happen the torch, try not to hand the end the finish that"s on fire.Brian "56 Chevy Bel Air
I don"t know when they included the plugged port over the oil filter, however I"d guess it was the 68 or 69 models, i beg your pardon is as soon as they saw the bigger newspaper on the crankshaft, the long water pumps, the accessory bolt feet on the heads, and also a water temp sender port on the head. Anything earlier would not have that. Prior to then, they turned off the port on the prior of the block. Beware, the port on the prior of the block may display lower pressure than the one on the rear, because it has the press drop from the little passages add to the leakage loss native the lifters, camer bearings, and also crankshaft bearings. This would present up specifically at idle.There"s nothing wrong with a tee installation on the port alongside the distributor if you have the right to fit it in there.That plug top top the former of the block might be a bear to remove. Also the one over the oil filter. I don"t know what the manufacturing facility used top top those plugs, but it was almost permanent.