Tyco"s salvation of main Sprinkler firm makes replacing design A imperial Flush bowl difficult, but not impossible

If did you do it landed here, odds room you have central Sprinkler firm (CSC) version A, 76A, AA, or A-3 imperial Flush covert fire sprinklers and need to uncover replacement sheathe plates.

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Each week, beer-selection.com receives dozens the calls native frantic buyers in require of this product. In this article, we’ll present you what renders the royal Flush covering plate therefore unique. We’ll likewise explain why they’re so rarely and aid you check out replacement options.

If you"d like to acquisition a compatible covering plate now, beer-selection.com tote the complying with cover plates for imperial Flush fire sprinkler heads:

Tyco acquired main Sprinkler Company, discontinued cover plates

In the late 1990s, main Sprinkler firm found chin in jae won trouble adhering to a legal fight over your Omega sprinklers. CSC uncovered that the Omega sprinkler, i beg your pardon featured an O-ring seal, was compromised over time by corrosion, minerals, salts, and other contaminants the could cause them to fail during an emergency.

Following legitimate settlements and also the remind of nearly 8.4 million Omega sprinklers, CSC remained in dire need of capital. Tyco International, one of the world"s largest manufacturers of fire sprinklers and fire defense equipment, acquired central Sprinkler company in 1999, giving the systems the company needed at the time.

For those with main Sprinkler firm fire sprinklers and also cover plates, this salvation made that more challenging to uncover replacement parts. Tyco stopped manufacturing the CSC version A royal Flush covert Sprinkler—and the matching Cover Plate—in 2002.

Cover plates from the RFII, Tyco"s successor to Central"s imperial Flush fire sprinkler, won"t fit original Royal do the washing up sprinklers

Tyco still uses fire sprinklers the go through the name imperial Flush (or "RF," because that short). Together you can see, in comparison to the Tyco RFII—the successor model Tyco supplies today—the differences are obvious. The Tyco version A imperial Flush has a larger diameter yet reduced depth.


A sheathe plate because that the version A imperial Flush (left) pictured alongside the Tyco RFII (right).

The top of the Tyco design A royal Flush is about 3 5/8" large and the base is approximately 2 5/8" wide. It"s additionally less than 1" tall. Top top the various other hand, the Tyco RFII has actually a slightly reduced 3 3/8" width and also the base is just 2 1/4" inch wide.


Measurements the the Tyco version A imperial Flush sheathe plate.


Measurements that the Tyco RFII covering Plate.

Fire sprinkler covering plates require specific substitute

In NFPA 13: traditional for the installation of Sprinkler Systems, the nationwide Fire protection Association (NFPA) calls for cover plates to be component of a provided sprinkler assembly.

From the 2016 edition of NFPA 13

6.2.7 Escutcheons and also Cover Plates. Plates, escutcheons, or other devices used to cover the annular room around a sprinkler shall it is in metallic or candlestick be provided for use about a sprinkler. cover plates supplied with concealed sprinklers chandelier be part of the listed sprinkler assembly. The use of caulking or glue to seal the penetration or come affix the materials of a recessed escutcheon or surprise cover bowl shall not be permitted.

"Part that the noted sprinkler assembly" way that cover plates have to be particularly approved because that use with a details sprinkler. This approvals—issued through UL, FM worldwide (FM), or an additional certification company—certify the a fire sprinkler head will do as plan in a specific application. Even a slight mismatch in between the covering plate"s characteristics and the fire sprinkler head dimish sprinkler device performance or have the right to disable a sprinkler head entirely.

Rare covering plates change the CSC design A royal Flush covering plate exactly, but installing new concealed fire sprinklers is additionally an option

Two replacement alternatives are obtainable for the CSC design A royal Flush covert cover plate: one of two people replace every one of these sprinklers and cover plates, or purchase Tyco model A royal Flush covert cover plates.

The cost of replacing components within her system deserve to quickly add up. It’s vital to remember the all replacements have to be perform by a licensed professional. The costs of installing new fire sprinklers include:

Hiring a fire sprinkler contractor or fitter to install headsHiring a designer to ensure the sprinklers have actually the compelled characteristicsPurchasing fire sprinkler heads and also platesLoss of efficiency (during installation, parts of the building may have to be evacuated)Inspections by regional fire officials

There are plenty of factors to take it into consideration when installation or replacing contents within a fire sprinkler system such as the sprinkler and cover temperature ratings, coverage area, solution time, and more. Failure to account for any type of of these attributes can an outcome in failing investigate or raised fire risk.

Click here to read in higher depth around how to change an useless fire sprinkler.

The other and perhaps more feasible option is to acquisition a Tyco version A sheathe Plate. These are expensive replacement cover plates, whether you purchase them native beer-selection.com or anywhere else. By discontinuing these plates, Tyco has actually made lock more complicated (and costly) to obtain. However, this covering plate meets the temperature ratings that CSC royal Flush sprinkler heads and fits perfectly.

Fire sprinklers compatible through the Tyco model A sheathe plate

ModelOrificeTemperature Rating
A3/8, 7/16, 1/2155F (68C), 162F (72C)
76A3/8, 1/2, 17/32155F (68C), 162F (72C)
AA3/8, 7/16, 1/2155F (68C), 162F (72C)
A-11/2155F (68C), 162F (72C)

When you acquisition Tyco model A royal Flush covering plates indigenous beer-selection.com, you advantage from ours competitive pricing, extensive product knowledge, and also quick delivery times (generally within 2-3 service days).

If you"d prefer to acquisition a compatible covering plate now, beer-selection.com dead the covering plates for imperial Flush model A, version 76A, model AA, and Model A-3 fire sprinkler heads in 3 colors: white, grey-white, and chrome.


Click below to see the white cover plate because that Tyco royal Flush fire sprinklers.


Click here to see beer-selection.com"s grey-white bowl for royal Flush fire sprinklers.

Questions about our royal Flush sheathe plates? speak to us at +1 (888) 361-6662 or email .

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